Friday, December 16, 2005

The Roommate Is Gone

It's 5:33am, Friday, December 15, and Ashley has just left for Christmas break. I am just realizing now that this was probably our last time living together, and I won't see her for 5 months, because I actually am going to London. Mixed feelings. Sad that I won't be privvy to her late night interpretive dancing anymore, and excited that I'm going to London. Natalie bought me a great London tour book and I was looking at it all night. Ashley and I watched about 5 episodes of House and ate bubble tea and condensed milk toast. I was glad for her to finally leave, because I stayed up all night with her as she packed, and I want to go to sleep. But now I'm lonely. And it's raining. I still have one more paper to finish. But now, I sleep.


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