Sunday, January 29, 2006

Contact Info

While I have it near me, if you'd like to send me money, food, extravagant gifts, or just a post card, here's the address:

Lauren A. Forry
NYU in London
6 Bedford Square
London, England

It's like I was in Harry Potter! Except for all those Muggles hanging around.

Yesterday, I went to Oxford, and it was absolutely fantastic! I don't even know where to begin. Well, probably at the beginning. Anyway, after some minor technical difficulties in transportation, we got on the train Dipcot Way at 9:30, then from there grabbed the bus to Oxford. Really easy, actually. So, Oxford is great! We went to the room at the University, where they film the Hospital Room scenes in Harry Potter! It was so cool. It's a lot smaller in person, but in my pictures it looks a lot bigger. I'm not sure if the picture loaded properly. If it did, that's it at the top.

Then we went to the Oxford University Botanic Gardens, even though it was January, the grass was still green. And the greenhouses were amazing. I can't imagine what it looks like in the spring or summer. Of course, then you have to pay to get in. Which we didn't have to do, or didn't do. But I don't think we had to. After the gardens, we found Christ Church College, where they filmed more Harry Potter! In the first movie, when they're waiting on the stairs to go into the Great Hall and be sorted, yeah, I was on those stairs. It was really cool. And they modeled the HP hall after the Christ Church Hall, too. The rest of the college was really awesome, even though it wasn't used for HP.

Oxford's also the town where Lewis Carroll worked and wrote Alice in Wonderland, so there was a ton of Alice stuff. I bought some fudge, some delicious, delicious, wonderfulicious fudge. Oh man. It's good. After Christ Church we went to the Pitt Rivers museum where they had all these taxidermied animals and fossils, and it was so cool. We finished the day at the Eagle and Child Pub, where JRR Tolkien used to hang out with CS Lewis. That was cool. We accomplished everything on the list, and still were able to make the 6:40 bus to the train, then train to tube, tube to double decker, double decker basically to our doorstep by 8:50. Good times.

The girls that planned this trip did a good job with researching everything, and figuring out the trains and buses and all. All I had to do was follow around, and not worry about anything. That was cool. A very action packed day. And not that expensive either.

Today I will rest. And do nothing too taxing.

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's like three jellyfish coming together and having sex.

The above title is a comment by our screenwriting professor, Roy, concerning the plot of one of our fellow student's screenplay ideas. Roy is pretty amusing. The other day he told us a true story of how when he was younger and had all these exams he had to take, he kept falling asleep. So, his friend recommended caffiene to stay awake, but Roy got caffiene confused with codiene, and started popping all these codiene pills. He kept wondering why they weren't working, so he'd take more. I find that really hilarious, and so did the rest of my class. Maybe it was just the way he told the story.

Anyway, screenwriting is progressing well. Once again, we're getting into a nice schedule, so once again I have plenty of free time. I might be going to Oxford tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. Almost all the Tisch kids are going, so with plenty of people to travel with, and then I can say I went. They're still debating. Now, they say they're going to see all the places where Harry Potter interiors were shot, but I know that they shoot all the interiors at Leavesden Studios, a converted airplane hangar. They built all the interior sets to match what JK Rowling describes. And most of the exteriors are filmed in Scotland, where Hogwarts is set. So, maybe they're just a little confused. They could have filmed something at Oxford, I'm sure, but not a lot of things.

Again, anyway, it's really not that big a deal. My mommy mailed me an 11-pound package, and it should be here now. I'm going to hopefully pick it up after I have lunch with Willa and Klara at the place for traditional English fish and chips, the Rock and Sole Plaice. It's also on my list. We must finish the list! Because people said I wouldn't. Well, I'll tell you what - things are getting crossed off that list in a very regular fashion. Ha!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can a play be so bad it gives you a brain tumor?

That's what it felt like last night. Holy crap. If you're in London, do NOT see "Once in a Lifetime". The sets were cool, the costumes were good, everything else, well, it pretty much sucked. My brain hurt. Very much. So afterwards, Willa, Mimi, and I crossed the alleyway and went to Lisa's for some very cheap wine. (3.50 quid.) And, it tasted really cheap. I only had a little bit, since I'm not much of a wine person anyway, but I was able to stop thinking about that god awful play. And now I have some blackmail photos. Everyone loves blackmail photos.

The weather is actually quite beautiful this morning, so it'll be a decent walk to the ICA. Screenwriting from 2-5, then who knows. I don't really plan ahead for things after class. Tomorrow, since the BBC kids only have to go to a museum and will be done by 1pm, Willa and I are going to do something touristy. We were going to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but since they are now going to a closer museum, and don't have to buy a tube card, she wants to go somewhere within walking distance so she can save the money. Works for me, as long as it's on the list. If it's not on the list, it cannot be done! Muahahaha! Sorry.

Time continues to move very slow here. It feels like it should be February already, when clearly, it is not. It feels like I should start packing to go home, but wait! It's only January. Sweet. I think things will speed up when we finally, if ever, hit February. Of course, they may only speed up because I think they are going to speed up. But then I thought they'd speed up when we started classes, which they didn't. I think I need to slow down with the speed ups.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what kind of cheese they use at Subway over here, I'd appreciate it. It's not American, Provolone, or Swiss, and they only have one kind. It's good. But I have no idea what it is. Don't chide me for going to an American chain place in London. It's cheap, tasty, and I'm poor. Plus, there are cultural differences, like the cheese.

And on IMDB today, they have an article about Dominic Monaghan saying Evageline Lilly is his muse. I won't lie. It made me sad.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I HAVE INTERNET! Finally! Thank God. Which! But for now, I need to stop fiddling around and finish my homework. Then I'll post pictures. All right, since you begged, I'll give you one:

Okay, it's taking to long. I'll have do it later. Sorry for the disappointment.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother is addictive

It's like The Surreal Life, except people get evicted by audience votes. They're holding auditions for Big Brother 7 in London on 4th and 5th of March. We're thinking about going, just for the experience, and because we can stand out as silly, crass Americans.

Went to Portobello Road this weekend. It was really, really cool. For those of you that don't know, Portobello Road is this famous antiques, and well, everything market in Notting Hill. I bought my first London souvenir - a vintage, metal Piccadilly Road sign. Now I don't have to worry about stealing one off the side of a building in the middle of the night. If there is a middle of the night in London. Actually, the entire day of Sunday is like the middle of the night, because nothing but chain stores (like Starbuck's, McDonald's, and Subways) are open. So, basically nothing is open on Sundays. But, anyway, Portobello Road, it's really cool, and I'd recommend it to anyone if they're planning on visiting London.

It was nice not having to walk the 40 minutes to the ICA all weekend, but man, it made the walk feel even longer today. But I was able to cross something else off my list! After class, Willa and I went to Waterstone's Piccadilly, the largest bookstore in Europe. It was huge. 5 floors, plus loads of other stuff. We didn't have time to explore it all. My sister would get lost in there for ages and never come out. My mum wants to go when she comes for her visit in March. Of course, the largest bookstore in Europe didn't have the 2 books I was looking for. Books for my screenwriting class. Ah well, I'll find them later. There's another Waterstone's on Piccadilly. I remember seeing a Barnes & Noble somewhere, too. I think it was on Charing Cross Road, but I'm not sure.

Still don't have internet for my own computer, so I can't post any pictures, yet, but I promise I have loads to upload as soon as I can. Most will probably be put on facebook, but I'll put some really good ones here. I still think certain former, former ex-roommates should be on facebook, but it's hard to force someone to do something from over 3000 miles away.

Oh, we also went to the Duke of York pub this weekend, we being me and three other girls, Willa, Mimi, and Lisa. And it was very enjoyable until 4 40-something, slightly creepy British guys started hitting on us and tried to get us to go to this "party" down the street. We said we had to meet our dates and left. Luckily we had already finished our drinks. Next time we've decided to use fake names. Fake names are cool.

Oh, and some NYU kids tried to host a wine and cheese party the other day, and it was the most awkward thing in the world. Never trust Sternies to be able to start conversations. Very awkward, and very funny that it was so awkward.

Friday Willa and I are going to do something else on the list: the Sherlock Holmes Museum! It's only 6 quid, and neither of us have really anything to do on Friday, so it sounds like a good idea. Slowly and surely, items on the list are decreasing. Just wait, I'll get everything crossed off! Except Hyde Park Stables, because we did some research, and there are certain requirements to being able to use it, and we don't fit any of them. Oh well. We can at least visit it. I'll count that when I do it.

Hmmm...Any other adventures to report at the moment? Trying to think, trying to think, trying to think....No, I can't think of anything terribly interesting right now, but I hope this post was long and fulfilling enough.

And soon I best get some internet, fools.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Acorn is the bane of my existence

I submitted my internet form to them over a week ago, and still no internet. I feel bad having to rely on my flatmates' computers, and for you, my dear readers, because by day's end, I get so frustrated that I don't have internet yet, that by the time I'm able to squeak on for a little, I have no desire to post anything of interest concerning my stay in London.

Anyway, here's a Cliff's Notes version: I'm loving London. My flatmates are great, my flat itself is awesome, and my classes (especially screenwriting) are really good. Just starting to get work now, so I'll have less free time, but still plenty of time to explore. No set plans for this weekend, but we're definitely going to do something on my list. The list of things I wanted to do in London, that I wrote while I was staying up with Ashley (til 5:30am) the night she left for winter break.

Weather has been mild, a lot warmer than NYC. Always above freezing. The other NYU kids, I guess you could say the normal ones, arrived yesterday, so there's been a lot more activity around our buildings, which I don't really like. Not because I'm becoming a Tisch snob, but because before it felt like we lived in an actual apartment building, and now with all these people who really don't know what they're doing, or where they're going, it feels more like a dorm. Well, at least I still have a balcony!

Oh, a little about the people in my screenwriting program. There's only 8 of us, 2 girls (myself included), 8 guys, two not from NYU. There are pretty cool, and I can't wait until we start reading and workshopping each other's writing. Oh, and at the end of the semester, the RADA kids are going to do a table reading of our scripts, with an audience present. And we have to direct them as well. That'll be interesting. I've never directed before. Okay, my flatmate probably wants her computer back, so for now...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In the Immortal Words of Monty Python....

I'm not dead yet. I just don't have internet, yet. I'm actually using my roommate's computer because she was able to get on this morning. Hopefully I'll have it soon. And I bought the wrong kind of phone cards, so I haven't been able to call anyone. But, other than that, everything has been going really well. I have an awesome apartment that has hardwood floors, 3 couches, a balcony, and a great view. So living arrangements (except the lack of internet) are really good. The classes I've had so far are also starting off well. On Mondays I have screenings for British Cinema at 10am, then Theatre in London from 1:45-4:15. On Tuesdays I only have British Cinema from 10-1. Wednesdays, we'll occasionally have guest speakers or screenings for Advanced Screenwriting at 10am, and I have Advanced Screenwriting from 2-5. Thursdays I just have screenwriting from 2-5, and Fridays, I have nothing.

Sorry, no 8ams. In face, the ICA doesn't open until 9:30. And I go to class on the same street where the Queen lives. Yes, I'm neighbours with the Queen. I've been walking everywhere, it's about a 40min walk to the ICA from the flat, but it's a nice walk and it saves me money. I haven't taken the tube or the buses yet. Haven't had time for much sight seeing yet, but I've been to Trafalgar square, because it's on my way to the ICA.

And that's all for now, until I get my internet.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas Parts 3 & 4: Santa's Revenge and Goodbye Rudolph

Orlando was fun. There's too much to say about the trip that would go into too much detail that you wouldn't care about reading anyway, but I'll post some pictures:

Here is the entrance to Jurassic Park. You walk in and are immediately engulfed by the John Williams theme. Pretty awesome.
And there's the Universal globe at night. Those are two of my favorite pictures, and that's all I feel like posting, because I'm tired. As souvenirs go, wow, I just realized the word "souvenir" is a French word, a verb that means "to remember". You buy souvenirs to remember your trips. Wow. Anyway, I got a Donkey (from Shrek) sweatshirt that I'm currently wearing. A stuffed Lorax, a couple t-shirts (including a vintage looking Back to the Future shirt), and long sleeve shirt from Hard Rock, Shrek cups, and probably something else that I can't remember.

We flew back on Friday and finally had Christmas that night. I got some cool clothes, the SceneIt DVD game, the Lost Chronicles book, some other stuff, and (drum roll please....) the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD collection. Yup, the huge 16 DVD set. Sweetness. Except I leave on Wednesday and will have no time to watch it.

Eshbach side of the family came over today. Did a Chinese christmas gift giving thing and I ended up with Saving Private Ryan on DVD and a $10 Best Buy gift card, which I'm hoping to use tomorrow to get Batman Begins or Serenity or something.

And I'll have no time for anything except London stuff until I get to London so don't expect much until Wednesday or Thursday when I'm there.

And I'm peacing out.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

If we turn these napkins upside down, we can use them again for 9007

My family has this theory, that usually rings true, that in odd years more bad things happen than good, and in even years, more good things happen than bad. It's an even year. It started out well this morning after the ball dropped with three rousing hours of Cranium.

Tomorrow I fly with Cherie and Dad for four fun days at Universal Studios in Orlando! And the day we get back (Jan. 6) we're finally having Christmas! Then the day after that, more Christmas with Mom's side of the family! And then 4 days later I fly away to England!

So this year is starting off pretty good.