Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can a play be so bad it gives you a brain tumor?

That's what it felt like last night. Holy crap. If you're in London, do NOT see "Once in a Lifetime". The sets were cool, the costumes were good, everything else, well, it pretty much sucked. My brain hurt. Very much. So afterwards, Willa, Mimi, and I crossed the alleyway and went to Lisa's for some very cheap wine. (3.50 quid.) And, it tasted really cheap. I only had a little bit, since I'm not much of a wine person anyway, but I was able to stop thinking about that god awful play. And now I have some blackmail photos. Everyone loves blackmail photos.

The weather is actually quite beautiful this morning, so it'll be a decent walk to the ICA. Screenwriting from 2-5, then who knows. I don't really plan ahead for things after class. Tomorrow, since the BBC kids only have to go to a museum and will be done by 1pm, Willa and I are going to do something touristy. We were going to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but since they are now going to a closer museum, and don't have to buy a tube card, she wants to go somewhere within walking distance so she can save the money. Works for me, as long as it's on the list. If it's not on the list, it cannot be done! Muahahaha! Sorry.

Time continues to move very slow here. It feels like it should be February already, when clearly, it is not. It feels like I should start packing to go home, but wait! It's only January. Sweet. I think things will speed up when we finally, if ever, hit February. Of course, they may only speed up because I think they are going to speed up. But then I thought they'd speed up when we started classes, which they didn't. I think I need to slow down with the speed ups.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what kind of cheese they use at Subway over here, I'd appreciate it. It's not American, Provolone, or Swiss, and they only have one kind. It's good. But I have no idea what it is. Don't chide me for going to an American chain place in London. It's cheap, tasty, and I'm poor. Plus, there are cultural differences, like the cheese.

And on IMDB today, they have an article about Dominic Monaghan saying Evageline Lilly is his muse. I won't lie. It made me sad.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muenster? Gouda? Brie? Cheddar? Spray cheese? I can't take it - I must know what the cheese is now that you wrote that! Also, I read that little piece of info. on Dominic in People magazine. I thought of you. I hurt for you. That's alright you should be looking for a nice British chap, with knickers and an extensive knowledge of cheap horror movies.
- Ash


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