Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In the Immortal Words of Monty Python....

I'm not dead yet. I just don't have internet, yet. I'm actually using my roommate's computer because she was able to get on this morning. Hopefully I'll have it soon. And I bought the wrong kind of phone cards, so I haven't been able to call anyone. But, other than that, everything has been going really well. I have an awesome apartment that has hardwood floors, 3 couches, a balcony, and a great view. So living arrangements (except the lack of internet) are really good. The classes I've had so far are also starting off well. On Mondays I have screenings for British Cinema at 10am, then Theatre in London from 1:45-4:15. On Tuesdays I only have British Cinema from 10-1. Wednesdays, we'll occasionally have guest speakers or screenings for Advanced Screenwriting at 10am, and I have Advanced Screenwriting from 2-5. Thursdays I just have screenwriting from 2-5, and Fridays, I have nothing.

Sorry, no 8ams. In face, the ICA doesn't open until 9:30. And I go to class on the same street where the Queen lives. Yes, I'm neighbours with the Queen. I've been walking everywhere, it's about a 40min walk to the ICA from the flat, but it's a nice walk and it saves me money. I haven't taken the tube or the buses yet. Haven't had time for much sight seeing yet, but I've been to Trafalgar square, because it's on my way to the ICA.

And that's all for now, until I get my internet.


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