Friday, January 27, 2006

It's like three jellyfish coming together and having sex.

The above title is a comment by our screenwriting professor, Roy, concerning the plot of one of our fellow student's screenplay ideas. Roy is pretty amusing. The other day he told us a true story of how when he was younger and had all these exams he had to take, he kept falling asleep. So, his friend recommended caffiene to stay awake, but Roy got caffiene confused with codiene, and started popping all these codiene pills. He kept wondering why they weren't working, so he'd take more. I find that really hilarious, and so did the rest of my class. Maybe it was just the way he told the story.

Anyway, screenwriting is progressing well. Once again, we're getting into a nice schedule, so once again I have plenty of free time. I might be going to Oxford tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. Almost all the Tisch kids are going, so with plenty of people to travel with, and then I can say I went. They're still debating. Now, they say they're going to see all the places where Harry Potter interiors were shot, but I know that they shoot all the interiors at Leavesden Studios, a converted airplane hangar. They built all the interior sets to match what JK Rowling describes. And most of the exteriors are filmed in Scotland, where Hogwarts is set. So, maybe they're just a little confused. They could have filmed something at Oxford, I'm sure, but not a lot of things.

Again, anyway, it's really not that big a deal. My mommy mailed me an 11-pound package, and it should be here now. I'm going to hopefully pick it up after I have lunch with Willa and Klara at the place for traditional English fish and chips, the Rock and Sole Plaice. It's also on my list. We must finish the list! Because people said I wouldn't. Well, I'll tell you what - things are getting crossed off that list in a very regular fashion. Ha!



At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to a library at Oxford! Can you imagine the wealth of literature! Take pics!
- Ash


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