Saturday, February 11, 2006

Are You Ready For Some (English) Football?!

I must have the gift. We get to our seats 5 minutes into the game, sit down, and Fulham scores! They ended up winning 6-1, and West Brom only got their goal with about 5 minutes left. Ha. So, as far as soccer goes, the game was pretty interesting. I kind of remembered why I don't follow soccer. Nothing really happens in the game, and unlike hockey where they do it on ice, with sharp skates, and our allowed to beat each other up without getting a yellow card, nothing happens. But it was fun sitting in the crowd with the fans. They have chants for everything, and never stop chanting. They even get into chant wars with the away fans, kind of like the marching band wars we used to have in high school. They have a completely separate seating area, and entrance, for away fans. And plenty of riot police. Lots of riot police. Many of them on horses who have their own face shields. That was pretty cool. But, there were no riots, probably because Fulham won, so everyone was in a good mood. Well, except the West Brom fans.

I bought an official Fulham Football Club scarf, so I guess that means I have an official team to root for over here. I liked their fans, they played a good game, great defence, so I'll stick with 'em. At half time I bought a cheeseburger. Now, I knew not to expect a cheeseburger like I'd get at home, and I was right. It was more like a flat, round sausage in a weird bun, but it was really good and filling. I'd get another one if I went to another game. But there's so much other stuff I want to do, I probably won't. I posted some pictures on Facebook, so check 'em out if you want. I have more, but they really look a lot alike, so I won't post them all. I also took some video to record the chants and atmosphere. I'm really pleased with them, but there's no place to post them. But I like them. So. Ha.

I went home by myself for the most of the journey, because Mimi and Willa needed to go to Richmond to see "Journey to London" for Theatre in London. I decided to be brave and wear my scarf all the way home. I was in the Holborn station waiting for the Central Line train, and this old man comes up and points to my scarf. I had my iPod in at the time.

"You should be jumping up and down. They won 6-1."
"Yeah, it was a great game."
"Was West Brom really bad?"
"Yeah. They had no defence."
"You're not even British are you? You're American."
"That's okay. I like Bruce Springsteen. Stick with Bruce."

My profile picture for this blog makes me miss my Harry Potter Triwizard jacket. I don't know why I didn't bring it. Probably because I didn't have enough room. But I still miss it. Now I need to work on my History Boys review. I haven't taken off my FFC scarf yet. I still enjoy it greatly. And it's soft.


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