Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cadbury is my friend

I should really buy stock in it while I'm here. I should also probably buy real food, but I'm waiting for my 11-pound package from home to get here. It hath been stuffed with food and other goodies, such as 2 Entertainment Weekly's, but is somewhere in the postal system right now. Oh, the postal system. I have time to check my mail again Friday, so I hope it's there by then. I'm low on cash, because I need to cash my traveler's cheques, and don't want to buy much until I do that. Which I'll get around to sometime. I do have plenty of food, a bunch of frozen meals, so I really don't need to buy much else. Conserve the cash!

Not much as gone on the past few days, like most weekdays. Did exactly what I said I'd do on Sunday, absolutely nothing. It was glorious. And a good rest for my legs. Let's see, Monday was my longest day, with a Brit Cinema screening at 10am (Brief Encounter, really good) then Theatre in London from 1:45-4:15. I'm glad we don't have a test in that class, because I have no idea what it would be on. It seems very unstructured and we talk about whatever comes up concerning the theatre. I enjoy it, but it's still a little weird. We randomly picked our theatres for our independent, fringe theatre visits. Fringe theatre is basically what their off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, etc. It's all called fringe. And, I get to go see a magic show! Pretty sweet, except for it's off the Baron's Court tube stop which is at least Zone 2 as far as I can tell. The farthest I've been in London. I hope it's not a scary area. Shows are every Sunday at 3, and I should probably call to see if I need to buy a ticket beforehand or if I can just get one at the door. That means I have to find a phone I can make calls on. We can only use our room phone to make outgoing calls if they're toll free. And I don't have, and don't plan on getting, a cell phone while I'm here. I'll figure something out.

What was yesterday, Tuesday? Yeah. Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. Besides Friday's I think they're my favorite day. I have Brit Cinema from 10-1, then I get my 1.99 sub of the day at Subway (it's always meatball marinara on Tuesday, my favorite kind of hoagie), then I come home and do whatever I want because all my flatmates have class til really late on Tuesdays! Imagine being able to get a 6 person flat all to yourself, at least once a week. It's glorious. Next week, I think I'll watch a movie.

Wednesday is today, and what am I doing? Oh that's right. Screenwriting from 2-5. We had a character exercise, where we created two, good, 3D characters and put them in approx. 5 page scene together. So, we'll be reading those aloud in class today. Then I'm coming home for a bit, before I go out for our Wednesday theatre visit. Our last time at the Royal National Theatre (I'll make sure to bring my camera for some awesome night Thames River pictures) and we're seeing a play about Paul, biblical Wow-they-were-all-right-about-that-Jesus-Son-of-God-thing-I'm-going-to-stop-persecuting-Christians-and-change-my-name-from-Saul-to-Paul-as-soon-as-these-scales-fall-off-my-eyes Paul. And it's called "Paul." And it's apparently set in modern times. That'll be interesting. At least hopefully more interesting that Once in a Lifetime. That was just painful. Ow.

And just a quick note that it's finally FEBRUARY. Holy crap, I didn't think January was ever going to end. But it has, and now we can all move on. I have feeling things are going to start to speed up now, but I could be completely wrong. I'm just happy that it's finally a new month. And one day closer til my birthday. Not that it matters that I'll turn 21, since I can already drink, but I haven't been able to afford to drink, so at least on my birthday someone will buy me a drink. I think.

That's all. So now, if you want to stalk me, you now have my schedule. But please don't. That's not very nice. And I know Kung Fu. Or do I? You won't know, will you? So it's best if you just don't try.

Don't I have class or something?


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, oh why? I am insanely jealous of you even though I already did London. It seems like you're having more fun b/c of your kick-ass classes. Did you meet Paul and Nigel yet? Did you hit up Camden Market? You should. It's a great place. Buses from Tottenham Rd. go there. Are there still double-decker buses? Aren't you growing so fond of the tube? Don't you wanna live there? Am I not annoying? Ash and I are being delirious together quite frequently. She keeps comparing me to you and all I can say is, "I'm Asian..."

Well. Congratulations. You have succeeded in making me thoroughly nostalgic. I hate you.



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