Friday, February 10, 2006

"The hardest animal to decapitate is..."

Ha ha! I'm still here. You couldn't get rid of me that easily, my friend. So, what have I done all week? Let's take a trip back in time. Well, for starters, all the BBC kids (which means 4 of my 5 flatmates) had a camera operating training course in the country all week, so they've been staying in some weird teddy bear hotel (apparently), and Liz and I have had the flat to ourselves all week. Not that our living situation is bad when everyone is here, but it was nice and relaxing. And the dishes tended to not pile up in the sink. They finally come back tonight, and silence's reign of terror will end.

So, Monday. What was Monday? Oh yeah, Brit Cinema screening at 10am. The Draughtsman's Contract, some weird avant-garde movie by Peter Greenaway, about, uhm. Still figuring that out. But apparently our MJW (our version of Nigel, Hyun) worked on the film, and had some interesting behind the scenes stories for us. Then it was Theatre in London in the afternoon with Roy, which was just as discussion filled as always. BBC kids left right after that, I'm trying to think what I did after class...Don't remember. I think I came home and reveled in the peace of the flat.

Tuesday was Brit Cinema in the morning, somewhat interesting conversation. But if I have to hear the description of auteur theory one more time. I'm the only person in the class that's a Cinema Studies major, so no one else has studied it, but I had to write a friggin' 10 page paper on it last semester, which reminds me - Ashley can you pick that up from the Cinema Studies department for me? - and I really don't feel like hearing it described every week. Argh. But, what can you do. But I don't want to tell my prof that I wrote a 10 page paper on it, because then she'd ask me what my topic was, and to explain it, and honestly, I haven't thought about it in awhile. It's about how auteur theory can exist in post-modernism, but I'd have to read it again to be able to describe my position well.

And this is all boring to you. So I'll move on. Tuesday night I wallowed in the fact there was a new episode of House airing in the US, and I wouldn't be able to see it. I also checked my mail with Jericha at the academic centre. And...the PACKAGE ARRIVED! The glorious 11-lbs package from my mommy! I was able to carry it back to Kamen, too. My arms were shaking when I set it down, but I did it! So, what did have? Happiness!!! A bag of real pasta, tuna (but it's not the same if Ashley can't complain about the smell), Tasteykakes, a Tasteykake apple pie, rice krispie treats, goldfish, 3 Bowl Apetites, Cheeze-its, brownie mix, brownie pans to make the mix, muffin mix, muffin wrappers to make the muffins, 4 things of Ramen, mashed potato mix, a box of mac and cheese (not Easy Mac, the real stuff), pringles, pop-tarts, hand soaps, disposable razors, 1 TV guide with a cover article of Lost, and 2 Entertainment Weekly's!!!!

Oh what a glorious package. So to answer your question Hyun, no I haven't resorted to moldy shrimp sandwiches yet. And I go to Budgen's every friday for groceries. Meaning, Cadbury Eggs. Also, Tuesday is my Subway meatball marinara day (it's their Sub of the Day) and they still do the sub club coupon thing here. So I'm pretty close to getting a free one! I keep forgetting to ask for one of the cards though. I'll have to remember next Tuesday.

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. Wednesday was a long day. Fun, at point very awkward, but long. It started out with Screenwriting from 2-5. My character exercise scene went over well. I've been having a bit of writer's block, so I decided to go back to what I do best, and had one character kill the other with a wrench, shove him in a closet, and steal his car. Oh, the good ol' days. Next week we start pitching. I don't think I'll write this one, but I'm going to pitch my zombie movie idea. Muahahahahaha! Okay, so after screenwriting, this is where things get fun. Every Wednesday we go to see a show for Theatre in London. This week, our theatre was in Richmond, which is like in the outskirts of London. Zone 4 on the tube, the last stop on the district line. In order to get to the show in time, Jericha and I left right after class. Oh, because we're both geniuses, we decided we'd wear nice shoes to the theatre. And we have the blisters to prove our efforts. Don't worry, I was still wearing jeans, but I wore a nicer shirt, and thought I'd wear my small brown boots. I am an idiot. Anyway, took the tube out there, no problems. Got some dinner at this cheap, awesome noodle bar. The name began with a "W". Wagamama? Or something like that. It's kind of a chain place. But it was good.

Then we went to the show. It was hilarious. Especially when all the RADA kids almost didn't make it because they had class til 6:30. But the show was really funny too. The ride back with Liz and Jericha was the most fun I've had all year! Well, not really, and not because of them. And this is where the title of this blog entry comes from. So, we were talking about the current bane of my existence, Valentine's Day. One of them was talking about bad V-Day gifts, and I mention a decapitated teddy bear. Apparently, this translates into British, "Hey crazy, creepy, extremely drunk guy, start talking to the Americans!" And he, once we were able to piece the words together, and hear them through the slurring, started saying how the hardest animal to decapitate was the, uh, well, I don't want to freak out Ashley. Needless to say, it's not an animal, and only guys have one. Yeah. So, basically we needed courage to do this, yada yada yada, Liz almost got in a fight with him to shut up, and we moved to the next car. And decided I seem to be the magnet for all the creepy drunk, British guys. This was the 3rd time. Oh the luck I have.

And what did I do to enjoy the rest of my Wednesday? Watch the newest episode of House that I downloaded during the day! Boo-yah! Oh man. It was fantastic!! Wilson is definitely my favorite character. But, poor House. He really loves being miserable. I can't wait til next week. When he does experiments on himself. Haha! Of course I'll have to wait a little longer again. Argh.

So, that finally brings us to yesterday. We had screenwriting at a special time, 12-3, because we were going to see a screening of a new Brit film A Cock and Bull Story together for class at 4:10. I also needed to see that for Brit Cinema, so it worked out doubley well. Yeah. Doubley is now a word. If it wasn't before. I don't feel like checking. So, the movie is hilarious. If you like that kind of humor. It's basically a film about a people trying to make a film of the book "Tristram Shandy," which is apparently unfilmable. It had a lot more people in it that I recognized than I thought. I knew Gillian Anderson would be in it (as herself), Mark Williams (Mr. Weasley), but I was also surprised to see Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle), Selena from 28 Days Later..., Prof. Quirrel from HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, and one of the guys from Shaun of the Dead. I can't remember his name, but it's the guy that has a crush on Shaun's girlfriend, but is dating the other girl. Basically, the other guy in the group who's not Nick Frost. But it was funny.

So that brings us to today, and since I just woke up, there's really not that much to report. Probably Starbuck's, since Friday's are my Starbuck's day. Budgen's for groceries. Get some homework done, because you know what I'm doing tomorrow?

GOING TO A FOOTBALL MATCH! (Aka Soccer) Fulham vs. West Brom. Got the tickets free through NYU in London. I guess they have some purpose. Mimi and Willa got tickets too. I think we're going to keep our eyes out for some attractive, young soccer hooligans. And since you can't drink alcohol in the stadium (imagine if they tried doing that in Philly) said soccer hooligans will want to take us out for a drink after the game. Or at least that's the plan. Fulham's the home team, and we're sitting in that section, so we have to make sure not to wear any offending colors. They actually have a separate stand for neutral and away team fans. Interesting. Even though I don't really like soccer, I mean football, I figured I need to experience the culture. Plus, it should be fun. Despite no alcohol. And the fact that it's soccer.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) The subject line to this entry disturbs me.

2) I will gladly pick up your paper. Where?

3) I am sorry that you miss me telling you how stinky your stinky tuna is. I knew you would. Bet it doesn't taste half as good.

4) Hyun is asleep and there is no one to make fun of. Ahh the times when I miss bring your roommate.

5) Chocolate is a perfectly acceptable meal. I had it for breakfast this morning.

- Ash


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