Saturday, February 25, 2006

I must have the highest alcohol tolerance known to man.

We had a party in our room last night with the BBC girls and the British BBC guys they met in the country the other week. Woot. I partied with real British people. Well, more like chilled. But you know. But I think it's nearly impossible for me to get drunk. It would have been fine last night because the party was in our apartment and we weren't going anywhere, but I didn't. Not that I was specifically trying. It's a blessing and a curse. I posted pictures on facebook, so check them out. My "friends" assaulted me with make-up and made me wear this shirt I bought at home for like $5 on sale. Why, oh why, did I buy that shirt? But it was a fun party. The guys were really nice and easy going and didn't leave too much of a mess for us to clean up.

I was however up until 4am for other reasons that had nothing to do with the party. Sometimes someone just needs a person to talk to you. That usually happens to be me. Hey, I was camp counselor. I was trained for stuff like that. Let's just hope the drama calms down now, because it's no fun when people are all upset. Let's just chill and get along people. We'll be more of a threat to London that way.

Haven't gone out at all today, but that's because I need to save money. I don't want to withdraw any before my mom gets here on Wednesday, so I'm conserving. I need to go to Zone 2 tomorrow for the play I didn't get to see last week that I need to for class. And by play I mean magic show. Sweet. And I'll get reimbursed for at least the price of the show, on Monday, so there's 11.20 pounds back. I might get reimbursed for the tube, too. I'll have to check with Sally.

Now, while I listen to my own personal "Lauren's CD of Greatness," here's a list I made and put in my facebook profile. Not that I'm not loving my time in London, but we all miss stuff from home once in awhile.

-Random walks around NYC with my iPod, on nice, sunny days
-Sitting in Starbuck's for hours with just a book or a notebook
-Only having a 7 minute walk to class (instead of 40 minutes)
-Only living with one other person
-Okay, fine, living with Ashley. There, are you happy?
-$2 subway rides (instead of $8 tube rides)
-my big, fuzzy puppy Bazil
-House on Tuesdays and Lost on Wednesdays
-watching NASCAR on TV, instead of constantly checking, same with hockey
-root beer
-cold honey green tea without tapioca and condensed milk toast from Saint's Alp
-going to the movies every week
-eating lunch out with Lara every week
-Hyun and her wonderful stories that provide me with great inspiration for writing (check my blog)
-Ashley's random bursts of song, yes, more Ashley. I'll admit it.
-2nd Street and it's surrounding homeless shelters
-spending weekends in the city with my sister and whoever she brings with her that week
-not monkeys. ever. they will never be missed


At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You miss me and my random burts of song. HAHA I knew it! Maybe I miss you too and your spider solitaire and lupus/dead dad comments. How does no one find that funny anymore! By the way the monkey misses you. He sometimes reaches out his long brown arms, wraps that little paw around the butcher knife and looks longingly at your old desk. *Sigh*
:) Ash

p.s. I miss having someone to watch tv with. Hyun likes Grey's Anatomy, but I have to rip the book out of her hands and tape her eyes open.

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shocked and appalled at your lack of dignity in exposing your endowments gratuitously. I don't mean to disparage you with vituperations, however, I am not mendaciously being accusatory. Ashley almost became usurped by your capitulation to society's desire for titular exposure. What a sign of depravity. I hope you didn't make any of those BBC blokes die of apoplectic shock. That is all.


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