Friday, February 17, 2006

Mabel 2: Mouse in the House

Yes, we had a visit from Mabel's British cousin. For those of you who aren't my Freshmen year roommate, Mabel was the name of the mouse that was in our room at Goddard freshmen year. The other day we had a visit from her British cousin. But he was able to disappear on his own, instead of getting thrown down the trash shoot. Which would be kind of hard, considering we don't have a trash shoot.

Hmmm, what went on this week? I went to see Mimi's independent theatre play with her. It was a small theatre above the Old Red Lion Pub, called the Old Red Lion Theatre. Said play was "The Poison Maker". If you ever hear of it playing in the States, I thoroughly suggest you avoid it. Entirely. Unless you love the Oedipus complex. And lots of lots people wanting incestuous relationships. Yeah, incest was the word of the day. At least Mimi and I were able to get a pint in the pub before the show. That was probably the best part.

Several people are going on the Bath and Bristol trip this weekend. I didn't get a spot, but I realized that was a good thing because I need to go see my independent theatre production on Sunday afternoon, and that would have been impossible if I'd gone on the trip. It's a magic show! But it's in Baron's Court, so I have to travel to zone 2. Fun, fun. I just hope it's not in a shady area, like Jericha's was. At least I'll be able to go there in daylight. The next trip is to Yorkshire, but it happens to be the same weekend as my birthday, so I won't be going on that.

So I'm working on my new and improved pitch for my afterlife-based screenplay. I hadn't tinkered with it and pitched another idea in class. I was playing around with it at Starbuck's today, plus I did a little work on the short screenplay I'm working on, that I'm also going to adapt into a play. And that's just for fun. I know. I'm crazy.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Ashley said...

You lucky duckling. I hadn't read in a while and you definitely didn't update me on Mabel's cousin! Wouldn't it be cool if it wasn't her cousin, but was instead Mabel herself!?! Maybe she escaped from the trash chute we accidentally threw her down and found herself creeping into someone's luggage - someone who was on their way to London! Then they opened their suitcase someone near Big Ben and little Mabel ran out and found her way to a dorm. And then one day she saw you, recognized you, forgave you and came to live with you again!


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