Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ooo Baby, Baby, It's a Wild One

My mommy's coming tomorrow! Yay! For a week and a half I won't have to pay for pretty much everything. Boo-yah. Tomorrow, Wednesday, she has a ticket to see our Theatre in London show with us at the National Theatre. It's "Measure For Measure" this time round. And she's excited that she'll get to meet Roy, my screenwriting/theatre in london prof. She always likes meeting my teachers and professors. She met Pat Hoy, too, freshmen year. Oh Pat C. Hoy. Anyway, on Thursday I have class from 2-5, but then she's coming over to my flat to help me pack for Ireland, I always need help packing, and we have tickets for "Mousetrap" at 8pm, the West End's longest running play! It's been since 1952. Continuously. And we think Phantom's been around awhile in New York. On Friday we're going to see Westminster Abbey, and get a real British tea at Fortnum and Mason's on Piccaddilly (recommended by Roy), and probably check out Hamley's toy store, the huge 3 story toy store. Always bring your parents when you want to go to a toy store, I've known that since I was about 3. That night we have dinner at Rules, London's oldest restaurant. She read about it in her British Heritage magazine over winter break and really wanted to eat there, so we made reservations. It's insanely expensive, like 20 pound dinners, but it's going to be so good. At least I hope it is.

Saturday we're going to Portobello Road, holy moly, it feels like I was just there last week, and eat at the Dog and Duck pub in honor of Bazil, and probably go to Milroy's Whiskey. I'm getting so much stuff crossed off my London To-Do List, it's fantastic! On Sunday we leave for Ireland! We have a shuttle to Heathrow, a 1 hour flight to Dublin, a shuttle to our hotel, then meet up with our Globus tour director at 3pm, and that's when the drinking starts! Woot! I'm gonna feel so special, because everyone else from the tour is coming direct from America, and I can say I've been living here since January. More woot.

We get back on Saturday, and Mom leaves on Monday. We don't know what we're going to do on Sunday, since everything's usually closed, but we're going to figure that out. We might go to the London Zoo or something, if it's open. And then on Monday I'm going to skip housekeeping so that I have a continuous break between the end of the Brit Cinema screening and the start of theatre in london, so mom and I can have a quick lunch together before she goes. I wish I didn't have so much to do on Monday, argh. But maybe I'll be sick of my mom by then. But probably not.

It's snowing. Not just flurries, it's actually laying on the rooftops. That's pretty cool. I'm sure it won't be a lot, but it's pretty. It hardly ever snows in London. It's like it's spring break already. I handed in my Brit Cinema mid-term essay, had class, and I only have screenwriting tomorrow and Thursday, which hardly feels like class at all. We go over our monologues tomorrow. Let's hope people like Hyun's Rant here as much as at home. I also have to rework my screenplay pitch a little more. Organize my notes. When we get back from break, all we'll be doing is writing. And writing. A little writing. And then some writing. I need a 100-120 page screenplay done by the end of April. Knowing me it'll probably be 120 pages. Then we get to cast it and direct our actors and have a live table reading for all the Tischies. One of the girls here has a video camera, I think. I'm going to ask her if I can use to tape a complete reading of my script in the flat. If it's actually any good. That would be fun to show family members.

So, I'm probably not going to write in here for the next week and a half, because for the rest of this week, whenever I'm not in class I'll be with my mom. I'm staying at her hotel, too. And next week I'll be in Ireland without my computer. So I'm sorry if this page will seem a little lonely for awhile. I promise I'm alive, I'll just be too cool and busy to type anything for you. And I'll come back with lots of pretty pictures and stories and whatnot. So, til then my friends, cheerio. I'll talk to you in March! Yeah, yeah, I know that's only tomorrow. I mean later in March, like March 12. Yeah, I hope to post you something on March 12. Now cheerio.


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