Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yeah it was magic. My pasta magically disappeared even though I didn't eat it.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and in the words of Ron Livingston, it was everything I'd hope it would be. There wasn't much going on, and I did some of my freelance screenwriting work and worked on my Brit Cinema essay that's not due until Feb. 28. Yes, it seems a bit early to start working on it, but I'm lazy. Lazy you say? If you start your essay 10 days before it's due? Yes, my friend, because that way I only have to do a little work on it each day, and as soon as I get sick of it I can stop working on it, without fearing I'm not going to finish in time. It's a good habit I picked up. Of course, there is some good in forcing yourself to work through rough patches, but I find that's better for screenwriting than essays.

So today I had to go see my show for my independent theatre visit. I couldn't get through on the phone to make reservations, so I thought I'd just show up at the theatre and get a ticket that day. I mean, that's what everyone else did and they had no trouble. So, after American Idol (which I think Ashley should try out for next year. It would at least provide me with much amusement), I headed out under the overcast sky and took the simple tube ride to Baron's Court, which is in Zone 2. Very residential, wide sidewalks, only 1 homeless person tried to stop me. Luckily I had looked up the theatre online, and found out it's in the basement of a restaurant called Curtain's Up, or else I probably would have walked past it. A very nice looking restaurant. I walk around the corner and see the "entrance" to the theatre, and there's a wonderful yellow sign saying that today's show is sold out. Fantastic. Well, I'll just have to explain to Roy, I thought, as I walked back to the tube station in the light rain. Heavily raining when I finally got of the train, but I was a Girl Scout, and had prepared myself with an umbrella. Woot. I found a way to book a ticket for next weekend online, so I did that. Guess I should have found that before, but oh well. And I'll just tell Roy what's up. It's not like I purposely avoided my show. I just wasn't lucky.

Made the last of my turkey burgers for lunch. So good. Gobbled them up. Get it? Gobbled? Turkey? Oh I'm so funny I forget to make myself laugh. Worked on my Brit Cinema essay again. And, I don't remember. Other stuff. That I did. I think I'll do some more screenplay work.

Yeah, so concerning the title of this post. I went to the cupboard and examine what I had available to make for dinner. The bag of pasta my mom sent from home is gone. Vanished. Kaput. It was in the first big cupboard (where I always put my food) on the top shelf with the brownie pans and muffin tins my mom sent. No one uses the top shelf. I usually put my food on the bottom, but the bag was too big. And now it's gone. I bet nobody ate it, either. My food just disappears on its own.

BAFTA's are on tonight. (The British Oscars). So, I'll be watching that tonight. Especially since I can't watch the Daytona 500! Argh. Well that's what you get when you study abroad. In case you come across it, I'm racing Jimmie, Hamlin, Jr., and Petty in my fantasy league. So root for them. If you have no idea what that means, more power to you. Now to triple check the cupboard for my missing pasta.


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