Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ahh, Housing Lottery

Next semester
Back to tile floors and tiny rooms
Bye to balconies and hardwood floors
Tiny closets, tiny kitchens
Mini Fridges

Next Semester
Back to 7 minutes campus walks
Bye 40 minute walks in constant rain
Back to Starbuck's down the street
Bye to Starbuck's up the street

Next Semester
Back to condensed milk toast, bubble tea
Movie theatres 15 minutes away
Steve's on the Bowery
Expired foods at their best

Next Semester
Back to Evid and Frankie
Mail in my building
Bathrooms of normal temperature
Back to Privacy

Next Semester
Back to 2nd Street

Welcome Home.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick add-on to previous post...

I would just like to say that less than 5 minutes after I finished the post right before this, it started pouring. Ha. Just thought that was really funny. Really.

Here comes the sun...

I actually wore my jean jacket to class today. I know. Isn't it amazing? Spring? In England?? No rain? Truly a miracle. Saw a bicyclist wipe out. That wasn't amazing. Just fun to watch. Don't worry, he was fine. No cars were involved. And another miracle, they actually cleaned our flat this week! Last week we got a letter saying that due to illness, no one could clean it, and this morning, well, I wouldn't have been able to take it much longer. It's the grease and oil all over the oven island from people cooking. It just, you couldn't set anything clean down on it. Ew. But it's all bright, shiny, and nice smelling, and clean now. Our trash is gone, the tables wiped off, everything is illuminated. Or at least clean.

Don't you love it when your birthday continues on through the rest of the week? Got my package today from Mom! It included a Butterfinger bar, king size pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a neat little pen, some post-its, an Entertainment Weekly, a turquoise mini-Sharpie, a little stuffed rabbit (who is know Bunny Bunny's cousin, Hutch), and a framed picture of Bazil that says "I Love My Dog!". It's one of his Christmas pictures, and he's sitting in front of the tree and presents, all smiling and happy. It's a plastic frame too, so I don't have to worry about it breaking. Good thinking, Ma.

Had my last British Cinema class for awhile. We don't have our extra classes the next few weeks, so that the RADA kids have time to work on their final performance. So, I only have screenwriting. Works for me! I think I'm at page 38 right now. Granted everything I've written for the second act really, really sucks right now, because I wasn't in the mood to write when I was writing, but I'm going to try and fix that as soon as I finish this post. Tomorrow we have class from 11-5, so that we'll be able to go over everyone's stuff. Whoa boy. That's a lot of Roy time. How am I gonna get through it? It's called stopping at Boots before class and grabbing some soda and snacks before I hit the ICA, that's what. Hopefully the weather will be nice. But with British weather, who knows. We could have a thunderstorm 5 minutes from now.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cheese, Gromit!!

So, Stacy got the whirlwind tour of London! But it was great seeing someone from home, and next week - Paris! Stacy got here Thursday night, and we got dinner at Sofra on Exmouth Market, then went to Filthy McNasty's. And got carded. Go figure. But I introduced Stacy to Strongbow, and we have another convert.

Friday, we got up and went to Trafalgar Square, Parliament, and Big Ben, and did the tour of Westminster Abbey. Then we walked through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace, and from their to Harrod's. Which is ginormous, to say the least, and got a little stuffed bear, and a tote bag type thing, with dogs on it. Cause dogs are awesome. And they have a pet store at Harrod's, that had a litter of Shiz Tsu puppies in it. I don't even want to know how much they cost, but they were absolutely adorable. Then we did a little bit of Hyde Park, and took the tube home. That night we went to The Cove Bar in Covent Garden, the pirate one from St. Paddy's Day. And we even got seats on the balcony, which were nice until it started to rain. And a thirtysomething IT guy tried to pick up Mimi. Before we left, we got pasties downstairs, and it was Stacy's first pasty, so that was exciting.

Saturday, oh yeah, it was my birthday. Thanks to everyone for all the facebook messages and e-cards and such! It was awesome saying I had all these new messages, that were all, so and so has written on your wall. Anyway, the day started off with the Tower of London! And it was sunny and warm out, which was awesome. We did the guided Yeoman tour, and the guy was awesome. Then we looked at the Crown Jewels (uhm, do you think the Queen will let me borrow that solid gold punch bowl the size of my bed sometime? Maybe?) And walked through the White Tower. When we left the white tower, the sun and blue skies were gone, but we got home before any rain.

Made some Ramen for lunch, to save money, and my mommy called and I talked to her for a little. Then we went to the British Museum and saw the Rosetta Stone, lots of mummies, and Chinese stuff. And I bought a shirt. And I think I'll wear it on the plane ride home, cause it's a great shirt. After the museum, we went to check my mail, and I had 4 things. A letter from mom (not a birthday one, that didn't get here yet), a card from a family friend, a card from Lindsey, and a balloon box package from Miss Ashley Adamson! It was raining at this point, and we walked back in the rain, but I had brought a plastic bag for my mail, so it was all good.

My sister sent me a $25 Starbuck's Card, which she was told, you can use anywhere in the world, so I'll have to check with my local establishment. But if it does work, that'll be awesome, especially with papers coming up. And from Ashley I got - 5 packs of delicious Ramen, American Pringles (which do taste different than British pringles), a box of Reese's peanut butter cup cookies (which I've never had before, but are absolutely amazing, especially if people who aren't me don't eat them), and.......................WALLACE & GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT on DVD!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how she knew I've been wanting to buy that so badly, almost as badly as wanting to buy Harry Potter, but my mom's getting me that as my coming home present. I was soooo happy. Wallace & Gromit are the coolest claymation in the entire world.

After I went through my mail, Stacy, Mimi, and I went to Ye Olde Chesire Cheese for dinner. It's a really, really old pub. And it was awesome. Not touristy or cheesey (haha, get it? get it?) at all. And we all ended up getting the same thing - fish and chips, and a pint of the alpine lager. Or was it ale? Anyway, the pub only serves their own brews, but the Alpine stuff was really good. One of the best light beers I've had. And I did take a picture of my first drink as a 21 year old.

Then we came home, and most people were going to this housewarming party for this british guy they met at the BBC. And Stacy and I stayed home, and ate lots of junk food and watched Wallace and Gromit.

And that was my birthday.

Today I'm going to relax and work on the screenplay, if I get around to it, which I should.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Remember, Remember, The 5th of November

What's great about not having class is that instead of walking 40 minutes to the ICA, I can walk 15 minutes to the Islington Vue Cinema and watch a movie in comfort. Sure, it's 5.80 GBS, but convert that, and it's the same price as going to the theatre in NYC, and the theatre is so much nicer. So much.

Oh, I saw V for Vendetta, and I highly enjoyed it. Sure it's not without it's problem, but it's a pretty awesome movie to watch, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who was even the littlest bit interested in seeing it. Worth your money to see it on the big screen. And I continue to like Natalie Portman as an actress. Plus, Stephen Fry is in it! Hugh Laurie's old acting buddy, and the Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres of Britain. Well, maybe not the Ellen DeGeneres, but you know what I mean. Stephen Fry is frickin' awesome.

Didn't have class today because Roy's doing one-on-one tutorials with each of us over the next two days, during our regular class time, so class today or tomorrow. I just have to go in tomorrow at 1pm for my own tutorial. I have my outline and some pages to show him. 33 pages, actually. Whether it's any good or not...

And Stacy comes tomorrow! Woot! She'll be here until Sunday, and I have 2 London-filled days set ahead for us. Like a tour guide. A tour guide who hardly knows any of the history of the buildings, but will show you around anyway just for the heck of it.

Oh, and walking around London after V for Vendetta, was just like walking around NYC after King Kong. Crazy surreal. But there were no theatre geeks in metal masks walking around, so it was okay.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Craic'n Good Times!

So, actually "celebrating" St. Patrick's Day is pretty sweet. Especially when you're in London. True, Dublin would be better, but you take what you can get. I was very productive yesterday, laundry, Starbuck's, grocery shopping, checking courses. And on a side note, the courses I'll, hopefully, be taking are going to kick butt. I would say ass, but I'm editing this for Ashley. Oh crap, I just said it there. I just need to decide between "Developing, Pitching, and Writing Your Own TV Pilot" or "Writing the TV Sitcom." Both are 4 credits. Both are the same time at night, except one is on Tuesday and one is on Wednesday. Any suggestions?

Anyway, back to St. Patrick's Day, Mimi, Lisa, and Willa were going to go directly from their BBC attachments to the first pub, and I was going to meet Mimi's visiting friend Matt in the lobby and we'd travel there together. I was supposed to meet Matt at 6:15, Matt didn't show. Saela got a call from Lisa, and I talked to Lisa who said she hadn't seen Willa at the train platform where they were going to meet, and she didn't know how to get to the pub, so we decided that she'd wait at the Bond St. stop, and I'd meet her there and we'd walk over. Which worked out. I don't know where Matt was, but we gave him a sufficient amount of time.

The first pub was O'Conor Don, and it was actually a place on my list! And it was absolutely packed. Stuffed. Couldn't move an inch. It was fantastic. Right after Lisa and I arrived, Willa got there. Mimi was going to be late because she got stuck at a shoot. So, I decided to buy the first round, Guinness for all! We were able to inch our way inside, get our drinks, and inch out. Only learning later that there was a little bar set up outside that was serving just Guinness. Oh well. Mimi did triumphantly arrive, having to walk all the way from Piccadilly because of tube issues. Why was Oxford Circus being evacuated?? Still no Matt, and we alternated between staying warm in the overcrowded pub and standing outside in the cold. Through a series of indirect phone calls and events, we gave Matt until 8:45 to find O'Conor Don. He didn't. We left. St. Patrick's Day waits for no man.

Took the tube to Covent Garden for our next stop - The Porterhouse. Well, the Porterhouse had a line down the block to get in. Scratch that. So, we walked back to Covent Garden, and found this really cool pub above a pasty shop. It was called The Cove, or something, and it was pirate themed! Which Mimi loved, of course. But there was a bouncer controlling the number of people allowed in, so it wasn't overly crowded, and we were even able to get seats after a bit. It's a really neat, little bar. It has a balcony so you can go out and look over Covent Garden, and it had a great atmosphere. After 2 rounds there, we decided to move on to the next place, Filthy McNasty's, which is only up the road from where we lived. We had this all planned out. Well, when we got there, Filthy's wasn't serving drinks anymore, they're license doesn't allow for drinks after a certain time, so we used the bathroom and went home. We hung out in Lisa's room for a little, before finally calling it a night. And just so you know, I can still navigate areas I don't know with my A-Z while slightly drunk. But it was only slightly, Ashley, and I was with other people, and didn't end up wearing their clothes.

And now, today will be devoted to the screenplay. I swear. Yesterday at Starbuck's, my main character and I had a long talk about his family history, his goals, his personal life, his likes and dislikes, and now have a much better understanding of one another. Roy wants an outline, too, so at some point I'll have to do that, just right now, I need to stop with the notes, and start with the actual writing. You can only make so many notes, and then you just need to start.

Pictures of St. Paddy's will come later on facebook, when I get them onto my computer.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back to normal, well normal for me

Just so you know, "craic" is a Gaelic word meaning "fun, good times," etc... and is pronounced like "crack". So you can say things like, "we had great craic at the pub." I know Ashley will now use this word immensely.

So, yeah, life has been pretty almost normal. Some of you will know why I put the almost in there, but sorry for the rest of you. You'll just have to deal for now. This week has just been about school, and making new facebook photo albums. And after I have class from 2-5 today, it will be the weekend! And what is fantastic about this weekend is that it's the British Isles greatest holiday - St. Patrick's Day! I have no idea what I'm doing, other than it will involve drinking. Somewhere. I don't know about the green beer though. I don't know if I'm brave enough for that.

Yeah, so this sounds like a really boring post. But, I woke up around 10, don't have to leave for class until around 1, did get out of bed because I wanted to watch the newest episode of House that it took me 2+ days to download, and now I'm just being lazy until I have to get ready for class. I don't know what I'll do. Spider Solitaire will probably be involved.

But, London's the same as ever. I have 12 of 36 things on my list crossed off. Stacy is coming next weekend, so I'll definitely be able to cross off some more. Oh, that list will be finished before I leave, my friends. Have no doubts about that.

Oh, I bought a stuffed chipmunk. At Hamley's toy store. It's basically the British version FAO Schwartz. His name is Lord Edward William Hammersmith III, Duke Chipmunk of North Hyde Park Corner. You may call him Lord Edward.

Now I'm going to find something else to not do until I need to function for class.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Mighty Awesome Craic

See, I promised I'd write you on March 13, and see? What am I doing? Writing to you on March 13th. I'm not dead yet. And spring break was AWESOME!!!! There is absolutely no possibly way on this Earth that I could write everything that we did in this blog and have you still be conscious by the end. So, I'm going to give you the abridged version.

-audio tour of Westminster Abbey = fantastic
-saw 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives) during a press conference
-finally went to Buckingham Palace
-saw The Mousetrap = awesome
-ate at Rules, London's Oldest Restaurant, and you don't even want to know what the bill was, but the food was amazingly amazing
-saw Les Mis, and it was great, they had a black Javert which was cool
-toured Dublin
-toured the Irish National Stud Farm, saw baby horses (also known as foals)
-went to a pub in Ennis and watched an Irish band perfom
-went to Galway
-Western Ireland is just plain awesome and I'm going to buy a cottage there when I'm a rich, reclusive writer
-had a traditional medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle and almost got burned by a candle, except I was able to catch it safely with my amazing hand-eye coordination skillz
-got some Connemara Marble, the best Irish marble
-did the Ring of Kerry tour
-almost got blown off a mountain by the crazy intense wind
-saw tons and tons of complete rainbows
-went to a sheep farm and got homemade scones and tea, and see baby lambs, and the sheep dog do his thing
-saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College
-saw the Cliffs of Moher
-kissed the Blarney Stone (which requires you to half hang off a castle roof upside down)
-bought a full length 100% wool, handwoven coat that I can't really afford, but it's awesome
-toured the Guinness factory, got a complimentary Guinness in the Sky Bar which has a 360 view of Dublin
-started a 3 million pint batch of Guinness, because I knew the answer to the trivia question

Oh, there's probably more. Much more. But I can't really think right now. Those were just some of the highlights. Overall, the weather was great, we had a good group and a good tour guide and driver, the food was great, didn't eat a lot of potatoes, hardly had to pay for anything, did get to see an edited down version of the Oscars, saw lots and lots and lots and lots of sheep and cows and rocks and green things.

Now I have to do some reading or something for school. Or something. Oh, and unpack.