Saturday, March 18, 2006

Craic'n Good Times!

So, actually "celebrating" St. Patrick's Day is pretty sweet. Especially when you're in London. True, Dublin would be better, but you take what you can get. I was very productive yesterday, laundry, Starbuck's, grocery shopping, checking courses. And on a side note, the courses I'll, hopefully, be taking are going to kick butt. I would say ass, but I'm editing this for Ashley. Oh crap, I just said it there. I just need to decide between "Developing, Pitching, and Writing Your Own TV Pilot" or "Writing the TV Sitcom." Both are 4 credits. Both are the same time at night, except one is on Tuesday and one is on Wednesday. Any suggestions?

Anyway, back to St. Patrick's Day, Mimi, Lisa, and Willa were going to go directly from their BBC attachments to the first pub, and I was going to meet Mimi's visiting friend Matt in the lobby and we'd travel there together. I was supposed to meet Matt at 6:15, Matt didn't show. Saela got a call from Lisa, and I talked to Lisa who said she hadn't seen Willa at the train platform where they were going to meet, and she didn't know how to get to the pub, so we decided that she'd wait at the Bond St. stop, and I'd meet her there and we'd walk over. Which worked out. I don't know where Matt was, but we gave him a sufficient amount of time.

The first pub was O'Conor Don, and it was actually a place on my list! And it was absolutely packed. Stuffed. Couldn't move an inch. It was fantastic. Right after Lisa and I arrived, Willa got there. Mimi was going to be late because she got stuck at a shoot. So, I decided to buy the first round, Guinness for all! We were able to inch our way inside, get our drinks, and inch out. Only learning later that there was a little bar set up outside that was serving just Guinness. Oh well. Mimi did triumphantly arrive, having to walk all the way from Piccadilly because of tube issues. Why was Oxford Circus being evacuated?? Still no Matt, and we alternated between staying warm in the overcrowded pub and standing outside in the cold. Through a series of indirect phone calls and events, we gave Matt until 8:45 to find O'Conor Don. He didn't. We left. St. Patrick's Day waits for no man.

Took the tube to Covent Garden for our next stop - The Porterhouse. Well, the Porterhouse had a line down the block to get in. Scratch that. So, we walked back to Covent Garden, and found this really cool pub above a pasty shop. It was called The Cove, or something, and it was pirate themed! Which Mimi loved, of course. But there was a bouncer controlling the number of people allowed in, so it wasn't overly crowded, and we were even able to get seats after a bit. It's a really neat, little bar. It has a balcony so you can go out and look over Covent Garden, and it had a great atmosphere. After 2 rounds there, we decided to move on to the next place, Filthy McNasty's, which is only up the road from where we lived. We had this all planned out. Well, when we got there, Filthy's wasn't serving drinks anymore, they're license doesn't allow for drinks after a certain time, so we used the bathroom and went home. We hung out in Lisa's room for a little, before finally calling it a night. And just so you know, I can still navigate areas I don't know with my A-Z while slightly drunk. But it was only slightly, Ashley, and I was with other people, and didn't end up wearing their clothes.

And now, today will be devoted to the screenplay. I swear. Yesterday at Starbuck's, my main character and I had a long talk about his family history, his goals, his personal life, his likes and dislikes, and now have a much better understanding of one another. Roy wants an outline, too, so at some point I'll have to do that, just right now, I need to stop with the notes, and start with the actual writing. You can only make so many notes, and then you just need to start.

Pictures of St. Paddy's will come later on facebook, when I get them onto my computer.


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha. thought I missed your sly reference about me wearing someone else's clothes? think again. I'm so fucking jealous you got to get drunk during St.Patty's. all I did was unpack and start doing homework. I have so many red neck stories for you when you come back (I went to North Carolina, United States of America to do Habitat for Humanity Spring Break). I have received the ass post-card. Thanks for sending them, btw. It's better than getting Early Intervention letters from CAS. Otherwise, I'll read on your blog. I will comment sometimes when I'm not passing out in the study room. Don't do the impulsive cancelling blog thing without warning like I did. I will cry.



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