Monday, March 13, 2006

Mighty Awesome Craic

See, I promised I'd write you on March 13, and see? What am I doing? Writing to you on March 13th. I'm not dead yet. And spring break was AWESOME!!!! There is absolutely no possibly way on this Earth that I could write everything that we did in this blog and have you still be conscious by the end. So, I'm going to give you the abridged version.

-audio tour of Westminster Abbey = fantastic
-saw 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives) during a press conference
-finally went to Buckingham Palace
-saw The Mousetrap = awesome
-ate at Rules, London's Oldest Restaurant, and you don't even want to know what the bill was, but the food was amazingly amazing
-saw Les Mis, and it was great, they had a black Javert which was cool
-toured Dublin
-toured the Irish National Stud Farm, saw baby horses (also known as foals)
-went to a pub in Ennis and watched an Irish band perfom
-went to Galway
-Western Ireland is just plain awesome and I'm going to buy a cottage there when I'm a rich, reclusive writer
-had a traditional medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle and almost got burned by a candle, except I was able to catch it safely with my amazing hand-eye coordination skillz
-got some Connemara Marble, the best Irish marble
-did the Ring of Kerry tour
-almost got blown off a mountain by the crazy intense wind
-saw tons and tons of complete rainbows
-went to a sheep farm and got homemade scones and tea, and see baby lambs, and the sheep dog do his thing
-saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College
-saw the Cliffs of Moher
-kissed the Blarney Stone (which requires you to half hang off a castle roof upside down)
-bought a full length 100% wool, handwoven coat that I can't really afford, but it's awesome
-toured the Guinness factory, got a complimentary Guinness in the Sky Bar which has a 360 view of Dublin
-started a 3 million pint batch of Guinness, because I knew the answer to the trivia question

Oh, there's probably more. Much more. But I can't really think right now. Those were just some of the highlights. Overall, the weather was great, we had a good group and a good tour guide and driver, the food was great, didn't eat a lot of potatoes, hardly had to pay for anything, did get to see an edited down version of the Oscars, saw lots and lots and lots and lots of sheep and cows and rocks and green things.

Now I have to do some reading or something for school. Or something. Oh, and unpack.


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