Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thus, the countdown begins

Exactly one week from now, my plane will have just arrived into Newark International Airport. But that's still a week from now, and this week's gonna go out with a bang. Well, a lot is going to happen at least. Today wasn't one of those super exciting days, though. I spent about 3 hours in Starbuck's reading the most fantastic book: Book of the Dead - The Complete History of Zombie Cinema. I bought it at the ICA bookstore at the beginning of the semester, but haven't had time to read it. It's really fascinating. Well, for people like me anyway. I'm still deciding what screenplay I want to write this summer. I have it narrowed down to two ideas, and one of those involves zombies, so this is good research.

Last night I stayed up til after 3am, watching movies with the guys. They were so excited I brought "10 Things I Hate About You" it was kind of scary. I don't think I'll stay up that late tonight, not that I need to get up in the morning. I have to go to the ICA and make copies of my script for my cast. Yes, it's finished. I just need to print it off and make said copies. Then later I'm having my first read through with my cast.

Now I'm watching "My Wedding Day Ruined My Life" and it's great.

One week.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Elementary, my dear Watson

As it is with all things in life, as soon as something reaches its end, its way too soon for it to happen. I was already to go home 2 weeks ago, and now. What? I can't leave now. This is ridiculous! Every study abroad student is warned about this, and yet it still happens anyway.

So the past few days have been pretty relaxed and productive, ever since I handed in my Brit Cinema paper on Tuesday. Wednesday I brought in the rest of my screenplay for class. It went over well. And it was so nice have a complete draft. That first one clocked in at 118, my shortest yet. Zach finished his, too, and we were going to go get some drinks after class, but we both ended up falling asleep in our flats by mistake. Oh the exciting lives of writers.

Thursday after our last class, Roy took us all out for drinks at Chando's on St. Martin's Lane (minus Colin who had a plane to Dublin to catch.) Drinking with professors is fun. You learn interesting facts like how Roy doesn't like sitting in front of doors, because he thinks in a previous life he was killed when someone shot him in the back, and he has friend who works at the BBC and has his loo papered with his rejection letters from agencies and such. Amazing curly fries there. It was like I was back in America for a second, or as long as it took to eat them. And they did call them curly fries, not curly chips. Curly chips don't really sound that appetizing. Roy had never had curly fries before, and he enjoyed them. After 2 rounds there me, Zach, Nick, Imran, and Ethan went out to Shoreditch and hit up to more places, some outdoor bar and the 1001 Cafe. Then we got back and watched Sin City. Oh, Clive Owen.

Friday was spent entirely on the screenplay. As in, when I woke up I printed it off, took to Starbuck's, got one of their new Banana Cream Frappuccinos, and spent a good 3 hours there editing the beastly thing. Cut it down another 2 pages, which is good. There is some stuff I didn't want to cut, but I couldn't let it run over 120, but my additions and cuts balanced each other out. Now I remember another scene I wanted to add, and I think its funny, but I'm not sure if there's a place for it, or a need. I think I'm just gonna write it and see how it works. Actually, I do think I need it. If I keep it short, I think it'll work. We'll see. There I go, thinking out loud again.

Saturday, which is today, Willa and I finally got to the Sherlock Holmes Museum! It was pretty cool. Great photo opportunities. The fake guard guy at the door was really lonely. While we were waiting to go in he kept talking to us about how he's going to NYC in the summer, and how he wishes they had a Ghostbuster's museum, like the Sherlock Holmes museum. He was really nice, just you could tell it was a lonely job. Inside there was an old man who was "Sherlock Holmes" but he was kind of creepy. He talked in a whisper and looked like he should have an Eastern European accent, not a British one. Willa almost broke one of the lanterns in the room. We took a picture, and when she stepped away it crashed to the floor. It didn't break, but we skidaddled out of there. Got some great pictures. They're already up on facebook, so check'em out. We stopped in the London Beatles Store, too, which was right next door. Very small, but they had some cool stuff to look at.

And now I'm back here, waiting for Doctor Who to start at 7:20. Maybe I'll write that scene. Maybe I'll play spider solitaire. Maybe I'll cook some Ramen. The possibilities are endless. 8 days until I'm home. 11 until I pick up my stuff from NYC and Hyun and Ashley are forced to be around me again. If only for a day. 8 days? Wait. Slow down. I need more time! It's not fair. The summer better quickly so I can back to school. I want a running start into senior year. Because I am determined to make it awesome. Less crack, more fun. Wait, that's Ashley's senior year resolution. Ha. That's a joke. Or is it...Now I'm just rambling. I better go.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's all done, Pat Funn

That's not supposed to make any sense. But I am done with that Theatre in London essay, 2nd theatre review, and British Cinema essay. So what do I have to do now? Oh, I know there's something. Oh yeah, that's right. Some screenplay, thing. You know, the whole entire reason for me being over here. Yeah. That thing. I'm going to see if I can reach the end today. The end of the story. Not that I'll be done the screenplay, but the first draft, that will need to be severely edited. Yeah. We'll see how that goes. I know it would make Roy happy, that is if these last pages were good, and not just, like written for writing's sake. So, I think I'll get right on that. After a nap. Because after the nap, I'll be more awake, and I can stay up late and work on it. My better stuff seems to come out late, when I'm tired and I don't think it'll be funny at all in the morning. Of course, if my better stuff comes when I'm tired, then why am I going to take a nap? I believe it is a paradox. Yes. That's what I'm calling it. It's a paradox. Maybe my good stuff comes out only when I'm tired and it's night. Maybe it's a two part system. That could be. So, yeah. Nap time. This is why I need to be a professional writer. I'm not into normal schedules. And I hate getting up early. I wouldn't mind getting up early if I had to be on set or something. That's different. That is also not now. Now is nap time.

And this was long and rambling. Thanks for stickin' with it folks. You'll be rewarded in Heaven. Or something. Anyone have a title for me? Doesn't matter if you don't know the material. I'll take anything at this point.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey Kids! Today's word is: Productivity!

That makes taking a cold shower that much worse. Yeah, so, ever since they've installed the new dishwasher that we have absolutely no use for, we don't have hot water. Thanks Acorn. Argh. So, I took a freezing cold shower this morning. It wasn't that bad until it came to washing my hair. I was getting an external brain freeze. It was painful, but what are you gonna do? Call Acorn. Just not while you're in the shower.

Theatre in London paper is done and handed in! Woot! And my second theatre review. That is class is over, baby. Word. Now just one more paper, oh British Cinema, and yeah, that screenplay. On page 93 right now. I don't know how many more pages it's going to be, I just know that it won't be over 120. I should figure out what's going to happen next. That might help. Well, I know how it's all going to end, and I know things that need to happen, I just don't know exactly how they're going to get there. And by "they" I mean my characters. I should really just let them do all the work. Then I wouldn't have to worry about it.

So I'm being productive today. I really don't have a choice, since I need to get this stuff done. But I woke up a little after 10am. Recover from your heart attacks now. Better? Okay. Then I put in my laundry downstairs, which I've just switched to the dryer. Boo-yah. And then I got a (cold) shower. Uhhhh. Freezing. Not recommended. And when I'm laundry's done I'm gonna put on some clothes that match, and head out to Starbuck's, before it closes at 3, and get some work done. Productivity. That's the word of the day. Especially since Roy told me that I have to bring my pages in on Wednesday, not Thursday, next week. And that he thinks I could be done by then. Hahahahaha. Ha. I guess that means he has confidence in me. Or at least in the screenplay. But on Thursday, after our last class, he's taking the 8 of us out for drinks. Isn't that awesome? I suggested we all buy a round. Now that would be a fun class.

Oh, on Wednesday we get a boat trip to Greenwich. Almost forgot about that. Just for us Tischies, because we never got any other excursions. So that's something good to look forward too. Plus we have our farewell party aboard the HMS President. Woooot. Party boats! Now, I want to blow-dry my hair, but there are no outlets in the bathroom, Klara is still sleeping in our room, and Saela is on the phone in the living room, so I can't. Unless I was going to be rude. Which I won't. It'll be so nice to go home and not have to worry about stupid stuff like this anymore. Now, to do nothing until my laundry is done.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Sheep Than Ireland

That should be Scotland's motto. Well, if they want to attract more people who like sheep. My Scottish young-Mark-Hamil-look-a-like tour guide said there are 10 million sheep in Scotland, and 5 million people. So, 2 sheep for every person. One to eat and one to keep you warm. Ha ha! Okay, so I should be working on various papers and such, but I'm procrastinating. I mean, I figured someone would want to know I survived my traveling alone trip, and hear all about it, and I didn't want to disappoint. Yeah. That sounds better.

Well, I have no super crazy adventure stories about getting lost, or missing my bus, or my hotel giving me problems or anything. Which was good for me. Bad for storytelling. But actually, everything went amazingly perfectly. Exactly as I had planned, with no surprises, which made it a wonderful, stress free weekend, which is exactly what I needed. I took my train from King's Cross to Edinburgh, got there around 4ish, if I remember correctly. Walked down Princes St., then Lothian, then finally Bread St. to my hotel, which was behind Edinburgh Castle. Checked in, and my room was fantastic. Of course it could have looked like crap, but as long as the bed was comfortable, that's all that mattered. Well, I had 2 double beds that I pushed together, plus tons of pillows and down comforters. Yeah. I was set. It was like sleeping on a cloud in Heaven. I really need to invest in a down comforter.

After I settled in and dropped off my stuff, I went in search of the Pret I told you about earlier, and after a little scenic detour, I finally found it about 40 minutes later, and it was closed. But I did manage to find a Cafe Nero and grabbed a nice filling lunch. Then I walked along Princes St. and did a little souvenir shopping, mostly for family. Then I walked through West Princes Green which is the big field below the castle. Spectacular views. Amazing park. I wish Washington Square was more like it. No crack dealers. Well, as far as I could see. And it smelled amazing. Oh that's another thing - despite what said, the weather was fantastic. Especially that Friday. Perfect weather. Then I walked up to the Royal Mile and to the castle, then to Greyfriar's Cemetery and I basically just wandered around the rest of the day, since everything closed at 5pm. Then I went on the 8:30pm City of the Dead walking tour. It was awesome! I didn't get attacked by the Mackenzie Poltergeist, but it was still pretty creepy. And our tour guide was great. That's gotta be an awesome job.

Saturday I met up with my Rabbie's tour group. An Australian couple, a New Zealander couple, 3 French people, and a whole bunch of Indians. I was the lone American, and the only one traveling alone. But it was cool. Everyone was nice. We set out at 9:30 for the highlands, and the scenery was fantastic. We had a little stop in the town of Callander where we picked up some lunch, but took it with us instead of eating it there. After more driving we stopped in Ben Nevis, and did this awesome 30 minute walk/hike to Steel (sp?) Waterfall, where we ate our lunch. It was beautiful. And the hike itself was awesome. Slightly dangerous, which made it even more appealing. Then we continued up along the chain of lochs, and stopped a little at one end of Loch Ness. Didn't see Nessie, unfortunately. Finally reached Inverness oh, around 6:30 I would say. Everyone else stayed at B&B's, and I was in this little hotel on the river. Cute room, only 1 double bed, but with a down comforter and pillows, so that was again, wonderful. I wandered around Inverness like I did in Edinburgh, but the weather wasn't as nice. So after grabbing some dinner, I stopped at Tesco and picked up some snacks then went back to the hotel, enjoying the wonderful privacy.

Sunday got picked up at 9am, and on with the tour. We went out to Glen Affric, and did a walk along the river, and then up a Little Baldy sized hill and I got some great pictures. Then we went back to Loch Ness and drove down the other side, stopping at the town of Fort Augustus for an hour and a half. I got lunch at this nice little restaurant called The Moorings. A delicious scone, and some scampi with chips (that's fries for all you Americans). Then I did some more shopping. Picked up two Scottish wool scarves for myself, and some other stuff for family, and wandered up the canal a bit and around. Again, the weather (at that point) was fantastic. After Fort Augustus, we drove back to Ben Nevis to a little Whiskey Centre that had free samples. Heather Cream was the best. It's a like a Scottish version of Bailey's, with a little more of a kick, and great chocolatey aftertaste. Of course they didn't have any mini bottles of it though. Then we stopped again about an hour and a half from Edinburgh and there was another neat walk, this one to a gorge and waterfall, which was beautiful. Some families were having Easter egg hunts which was really cute. After driving past the town JK Rowling currently lives in, didn't see her though, we got back to Edinburgh around 7:30. And I was able to walk to my hotel without a map. Boo yah.

I had to get up ridiculously early for my train the next day, and I was tired from the long day, so I didn't do much, but enjoyed the quietness of the wonderfully private hotel room. And the heavenly double beds. Got up at 6am on Saturday, ugh, that's not even a real time of day, and walked to my train at Waverly station. Luckily, it was already sitting there and boarding, so I could just go on and collapse in a seat. Also luckily, King's Cross was going to be open in the afternoon, so I didn't have to get off at Retford and transfer, then worry about taking the tube in or anything. I just took that train all the way back to King's Cross, got in at around noon, walked back to the flat around 12:30, registered for my classes at 2pm (9am EST), and took a long nap.

It was an amazing, fantastic trip. Worth every penny I owe my parents. It was so relaxing, and even though I was traveling by myself, everything worked out exactly according to plan, and was perfectly stress free. I could go to school in Edinburgh. It's a neat little town. There's so much stuff I didn't have time to do, that I definitely need to go back. Just not right now. Papers and such.

Pictures of the coolest stuff are on facebook, so if you're interested check'em out. This was my last big trip, and now I'm all settled with classes and housing for next year, I just need to finish this semester first. Oh, in case you're interested, my schedule for next fall is as follows:

M / 12:30-4:30 / American Film and Politics in the 1980s
W / 6:00pm - 9:00pm / Writing the TV Sitcom
R / 12:30-4:30 / Scandinavian Cinema
R / 6pm - 10pm / New European Cinema

Exactly the same as last fall, except with different classes. New European is with my Representing the Holocaust prof, and I liked her, so that's cool. I'm only taking it 'cause the Orson Welles Advanced Seminar was already full when I asked my advisor about it. Argh. I swore I wasn't going to have another Thursday like that but, what can you do? It's still a good schedule, and I'm looking forward to next year.

But now, this year calls. So I need to stop procrastinating and get writing. Writing things other than this blog. Only 19 more days!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Off to Scotland for some haggis

Well, I don't know if I'll actually get any haggis, but I feel required to. Wouldn't you? I mean, I had French food in France, Irish food in Ireland, so I should complete the cycle and get Scottish food in Scotland. We'll see. My first stop will actually be a Pret A Manger, 'cause I'll be starving when I get there, and I know I can trust their food.

Oh, I'm going to Scotland this weekend. Sorry if you were slightly confused. And who am I going with? Just Me, Myself, and I. We make a good team. So, in case your wondering about my itinerary, here's the plan: booked a 9:30am train from King's Cross to Edinburgh. Four hours of non-stop train a'travelin'. Plenty of time for me to catch up on sleep, savor the countryside views, and rework my evil, little villian John Alastor. Mr. Jiffy's, my antagonist friend, is doing just fine, but unfortunately my psychopath is lacking. I've written psychopaths before, I don't know why Johnny A is being so difficult. Probably because he's a 97 year old psychopath, and my other, well wasn't that old. But, I did some research and such this afternoon, and we're going to bond this weekend, and hopefully I'll return with some nice, fresh pages for him.

So, my train gets into Edinburgh sometime after noon, my hotel is nearby and I'll see if I'll be able to check in when I get there, and if not, the Pret is nearby and I'll grab some cheap lunch there. Hopefully I will be able to check in early, and then grab a bite at Pret anyway. Then I've got the day to myself to explore and enjoy Edinburgh. I haven't solidly figured out everything, but I know it'll involve the good ol' Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, the Royal Mile, get some good souvenir shopping in. Then, my only definite plan - at 8:30pm the City of the Dead ghost walking tour. Heck. Yeah. This one is the only tour that gets you public access to Covenanter's Prison in Greyfriar's Cemetery, home of the mysterious Mackenzie Poltergeist which, since the tour started in 1999, and that part of the cemetery was re-opened, there have been 500+ incidents witht the Poltergeist and tourists, with 109 people getting unexplicably knocked unconscious. Oh yeah. And I won't know anyone else on the tour. Good time for the poltergeist to show up, or a cute Scottish lad.

On Saturday at 9:30am I meet up with Rabbie's Trail Burners for my 2 day mini-bus tour of Scotland. The tour takes us through Loch Ness, up to Inverness where we spend the night, then back down a different way and back to Edinburgh on Sunday. I get to see the Monty Python Holy Grail castle. Yes. Yes I do. And this is very exciting. So that'll be Saturday and Sunday.

I get back to Edinburgh Sunday around 7:30pm, I'll check into the hotel, and since if there are any Easter celebrations still going on. There were going to be concerts and such. But I won't stay up too late because I have to catch a 7am train back to London, so that I can get back in time to register for my classes at 2pm, ie. 9am Eastern Standard Time.

And that will be my Easter weekend. Probably the most interesting Easter weekend I'll have had up to this point. Then I'll be all relaxed to finish up my 2 papers, 1 theatre review, and the screenplay. Plus, cast and rehearse the staged reading for the 3-4 of May. I can't wait for our Tisch farewell party. 'Cause it's a boat ride on the Thames on the HMS President. Yes. Tisch gets a farewell party on a boat. On the Thames. A party boat. Woot. Yay for party boats.

But tons of stuff still needs to happen before the party. boat.

(PS- Hyuninator and Butt Monkey Face: My mudder and I will be picking my stuff up on Wednesday 10 May. This is a change from the previous day of Saturday 13 May. Please make a note. No idea what time. I'll keep you posted. And someone best be there. Fools.)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Boo. Yah.

Things are much better now.

Still extraordinarily happy about that single.

Here's a picture for you.

Gotta have my House.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh flibberty gibbit

Screenplay and papers are going well. Why can't everything else be? No. These are Tischies. They always bring their baggage with them, and somehow it seems to land at my stop. Stuff that doesn't even involve me, in any way shape or form, and yet somehow I'm supposed to deal with it? I am not a baggage carrier. I don't think so. Only a month to go. And that makes me sad that I'm looking forward to the end, because I've been waiting for this trip since I started college. Of course other people would try to ruin it. So, flibberty gibbit. Ashley, you have no idea how much I love you for getting me that single. I could really use it right now.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A single....

Next year. 2nd St. Room 113. All to myself. How fantastic is that for a reclusive writer? All thanks to Ashley Adamson, of course. So next year, come and stop by. All that poster space to myself. Muahahahaha.

Room is picked, now classes. Then just 2 papers. 1 screenplay. And I'm done for the semester. Whoa. Where the heck did the time go? Didn't my plane just land yesterday? I should have known the nice, warm weather was a bad sign. It means everything here is coming to an end. Leading to my last summer as an irresponsible college student. 'Cause I'm always irresponsible of course. This time next year, I could be getting ready for grad school. Getting ready for a job. Getting ready to be homeless because you can't get a job with a BA in Cinema Studies.

This is a very forward looking post, but I'm feeling futuristically reminiscent. Gotta make the most out of senior year, because it'll be gone faster than this. And then I'm screwed. Or not. I could always sell a screenplay.

Goals for next year: apply for grad school, look for a job, get an agent.

You wouldn't think it would be that hard, right? What I need is an internship. But I'll look at that this summer.

Right now I have 2 papers and 1 screenplay to worry about. Then I can focus on next year.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Paris...C'est magnifique!

Wonderful, wonderful weekend with Stacy en Paris. Beautiful weather, which is always good, tons of stuff done, and tons of stuff seen. That's a really helpful description, isn't it? Okay, let's break this down:

Friday: Train got in at 4pm. (I highly recommend Eurostar.) Stacy was right there to pick me up, and we headed to her apartment, very nice by the way, then took the metro to the Louvre. I was a little hungry, so on the way I picked up a Croque Monsieur at a nice, little food stand. A croque monsieur is ham in dough, covered in melted cheese. I'd always read about them in French class, but never actually had one, and always wanted to. And it was delicious. Then we went to the Louvre. Saw the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and the Venus de Milo, plus lots of other cool stuff. And it wasn't too crowded, so it didn't take us long. We got dinner at a little restaurant nearby. I got a Quiche Lorraine and a Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup) for dessert.

Saturday: Started at the Army Museum, which was half closed, but the other half was pretty cool. Accidently used the restrooms in the private veteran's nursing home, where tourists aren't allowed. Oops. Snuck out of private nursing home. Went into Napolean's Tomb. Which is huge. I have no idea why anyone would need a coffin that big. Probably because he's the only war hero the French have ever had. But it was still pretty cool. Then we went to the Catacombs, which is an underground passageway of dead people. Just walls and walls and walls and walls of stacked up human bones. Pretty sweet. You couldn't use a flash for pictures, so my photos don't do it justice, but it was pretty freakin' sweet. Millions of dead people. Word. Then we went to see Notre Dame. Walked around inside and outside, then got a little snack. I got a crepe with nutella and banana. So delicious. Then we went to see the Eiffel Tower, and I rode on a carousel near the tower. Yes, a carousel. But it was so cool. Then we went to see the Arc de Triumph and the Champs-Elysee. Then headed over to the Moulin Rouge. From there walked up, way uphill, to Montmartre and saw the amazing view and the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral. Walked home to Stacy's from there.

Sunday: Very lazy day, but we did go to see the Paris Opera house (where the Phantom of the Opera lives) then walked around areas I hadn't seen before, and took some great photos. (My new facebook photo being one of them.) Got to my train, and departed at 4:07pm.

A very fun and exciting weekend. Now it's major working on papers and screenplay time. No major traveling this weekend, but for Easter, it's Scotland time. By myself. Totally sweet. Paris photos will be on facebook soon, when my internet isn't totally retarded.