Saturday, April 29, 2006

Elementary, my dear Watson

As it is with all things in life, as soon as something reaches its end, its way too soon for it to happen. I was already to go home 2 weeks ago, and now. What? I can't leave now. This is ridiculous! Every study abroad student is warned about this, and yet it still happens anyway.

So the past few days have been pretty relaxed and productive, ever since I handed in my Brit Cinema paper on Tuesday. Wednesday I brought in the rest of my screenplay for class. It went over well. And it was so nice have a complete draft. That first one clocked in at 118, my shortest yet. Zach finished his, too, and we were going to go get some drinks after class, but we both ended up falling asleep in our flats by mistake. Oh the exciting lives of writers.

Thursday after our last class, Roy took us all out for drinks at Chando's on St. Martin's Lane (minus Colin who had a plane to Dublin to catch.) Drinking with professors is fun. You learn interesting facts like how Roy doesn't like sitting in front of doors, because he thinks in a previous life he was killed when someone shot him in the back, and he has friend who works at the BBC and has his loo papered with his rejection letters from agencies and such. Amazing curly fries there. It was like I was back in America for a second, or as long as it took to eat them. And they did call them curly fries, not curly chips. Curly chips don't really sound that appetizing. Roy had never had curly fries before, and he enjoyed them. After 2 rounds there me, Zach, Nick, Imran, and Ethan went out to Shoreditch and hit up to more places, some outdoor bar and the 1001 Cafe. Then we got back and watched Sin City. Oh, Clive Owen.

Friday was spent entirely on the screenplay. As in, when I woke up I printed it off, took to Starbuck's, got one of their new Banana Cream Frappuccinos, and spent a good 3 hours there editing the beastly thing. Cut it down another 2 pages, which is good. There is some stuff I didn't want to cut, but I couldn't let it run over 120, but my additions and cuts balanced each other out. Now I remember another scene I wanted to add, and I think its funny, but I'm not sure if there's a place for it, or a need. I think I'm just gonna write it and see how it works. Actually, I do think I need it. If I keep it short, I think it'll work. We'll see. There I go, thinking out loud again.

Saturday, which is today, Willa and I finally got to the Sherlock Holmes Museum! It was pretty cool. Great photo opportunities. The fake guard guy at the door was really lonely. While we were waiting to go in he kept talking to us about how he's going to NYC in the summer, and how he wishes they had a Ghostbuster's museum, like the Sherlock Holmes museum. He was really nice, just you could tell it was a lonely job. Inside there was an old man who was "Sherlock Holmes" but he was kind of creepy. He talked in a whisper and looked like he should have an Eastern European accent, not a British one. Willa almost broke one of the lanterns in the room. We took a picture, and when she stepped away it crashed to the floor. It didn't break, but we skidaddled out of there. Got some great pictures. They're already up on facebook, so check'em out. We stopped in the London Beatles Store, too, which was right next door. Very small, but they had some cool stuff to look at.

And now I'm back here, waiting for Doctor Who to start at 7:20. Maybe I'll write that scene. Maybe I'll play spider solitaire. Maybe I'll cook some Ramen. The possibilities are endless. 8 days until I'm home. 11 until I pick up my stuff from NYC and Hyun and Ashley are forced to be around me again. If only for a day. 8 days? Wait. Slow down. I need more time! It's not fair. The summer better quickly so I can back to school. I want a running start into senior year. Because I am determined to make it awesome. Less crack, more fun. Wait, that's Ashley's senior year resolution. Ha. That's a joke. Or is it...Now I'm just rambling. I better go.


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