Thursday, April 13, 2006

Off to Scotland for some haggis

Well, I don't know if I'll actually get any haggis, but I feel required to. Wouldn't you? I mean, I had French food in France, Irish food in Ireland, so I should complete the cycle and get Scottish food in Scotland. We'll see. My first stop will actually be a Pret A Manger, 'cause I'll be starving when I get there, and I know I can trust their food.

Oh, I'm going to Scotland this weekend. Sorry if you were slightly confused. And who am I going with? Just Me, Myself, and I. We make a good team. So, in case your wondering about my itinerary, here's the plan: booked a 9:30am train from King's Cross to Edinburgh. Four hours of non-stop train a'travelin'. Plenty of time for me to catch up on sleep, savor the countryside views, and rework my evil, little villian John Alastor. Mr. Jiffy's, my antagonist friend, is doing just fine, but unfortunately my psychopath is lacking. I've written psychopaths before, I don't know why Johnny A is being so difficult. Probably because he's a 97 year old psychopath, and my other, well wasn't that old. But, I did some research and such this afternoon, and we're going to bond this weekend, and hopefully I'll return with some nice, fresh pages for him.

So, my train gets into Edinburgh sometime after noon, my hotel is nearby and I'll see if I'll be able to check in when I get there, and if not, the Pret is nearby and I'll grab some cheap lunch there. Hopefully I will be able to check in early, and then grab a bite at Pret anyway. Then I've got the day to myself to explore and enjoy Edinburgh. I haven't solidly figured out everything, but I know it'll involve the good ol' Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, the Royal Mile, get some good souvenir shopping in. Then, my only definite plan - at 8:30pm the City of the Dead ghost walking tour. Heck. Yeah. This one is the only tour that gets you public access to Covenanter's Prison in Greyfriar's Cemetery, home of the mysterious Mackenzie Poltergeist which, since the tour started in 1999, and that part of the cemetery was re-opened, there have been 500+ incidents witht the Poltergeist and tourists, with 109 people getting unexplicably knocked unconscious. Oh yeah. And I won't know anyone else on the tour. Good time for the poltergeist to show up, or a cute Scottish lad.

On Saturday at 9:30am I meet up with Rabbie's Trail Burners for my 2 day mini-bus tour of Scotland. The tour takes us through Loch Ness, up to Inverness where we spend the night, then back down a different way and back to Edinburgh on Sunday. I get to see the Monty Python Holy Grail castle. Yes. Yes I do. And this is very exciting. So that'll be Saturday and Sunday.

I get back to Edinburgh Sunday around 7:30pm, I'll check into the hotel, and since if there are any Easter celebrations still going on. There were going to be concerts and such. But I won't stay up too late because I have to catch a 7am train back to London, so that I can get back in time to register for my classes at 2pm, ie. 9am Eastern Standard Time.

And that will be my Easter weekend. Probably the most interesting Easter weekend I'll have had up to this point. Then I'll be all relaxed to finish up my 2 papers, 1 theatre review, and the screenplay. Plus, cast and rehearse the staged reading for the 3-4 of May. I can't wait for our Tisch farewell party. 'Cause it's a boat ride on the Thames on the HMS President. Yes. Tisch gets a farewell party on a boat. On the Thames. A party boat. Woot. Yay for party boats.

But tons of stuff still needs to happen before the party. boat.

(PS- Hyuninator and Butt Monkey Face: My mudder and I will be picking my stuff up on Wednesday 10 May. This is a change from the previous day of Saturday 13 May. Please make a note. No idea what time. I'll keep you posted. And someone best be there. Fools.)


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all right homeslice. you besta tell me what time. BMF (butt monkey face) is leaving first week of may. I'll have to be there. werd.

I hope you don't go insane with your alone time in Scotland. Maybe then, you can write better about psychopaths.

Hyunslice and BMF peacin' out.


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