Monday, April 03, 2006

Paris...C'est magnifique!

Wonderful, wonderful weekend with Stacy en Paris. Beautiful weather, which is always good, tons of stuff done, and tons of stuff seen. That's a really helpful description, isn't it? Okay, let's break this down:

Friday: Train got in at 4pm. (I highly recommend Eurostar.) Stacy was right there to pick me up, and we headed to her apartment, very nice by the way, then took the metro to the Louvre. I was a little hungry, so on the way I picked up a Croque Monsieur at a nice, little food stand. A croque monsieur is ham in dough, covered in melted cheese. I'd always read about them in French class, but never actually had one, and always wanted to. And it was delicious. Then we went to the Louvre. Saw the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and the Venus de Milo, plus lots of other cool stuff. And it wasn't too crowded, so it didn't take us long. We got dinner at a little restaurant nearby. I got a Quiche Lorraine and a Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup) for dessert.

Saturday: Started at the Army Museum, which was half closed, but the other half was pretty cool. Accidently used the restrooms in the private veteran's nursing home, where tourists aren't allowed. Oops. Snuck out of private nursing home. Went into Napolean's Tomb. Which is huge. I have no idea why anyone would need a coffin that big. Probably because he's the only war hero the French have ever had. But it was still pretty cool. Then we went to the Catacombs, which is an underground passageway of dead people. Just walls and walls and walls and walls of stacked up human bones. Pretty sweet. You couldn't use a flash for pictures, so my photos don't do it justice, but it was pretty freakin' sweet. Millions of dead people. Word. Then we went to see Notre Dame. Walked around inside and outside, then got a little snack. I got a crepe with nutella and banana. So delicious. Then we went to see the Eiffel Tower, and I rode on a carousel near the tower. Yes, a carousel. But it was so cool. Then we went to see the Arc de Triumph and the Champs-Elysee. Then headed over to the Moulin Rouge. From there walked up, way uphill, to Montmartre and saw the amazing view and the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral. Walked home to Stacy's from there.

Sunday: Very lazy day, but we did go to see the Paris Opera house (where the Phantom of the Opera lives) then walked around areas I hadn't seen before, and took some great photos. (My new facebook photo being one of them.) Got to my train, and departed at 4:07pm.

A very fun and exciting weekend. Now it's major working on papers and screenplay time. No major traveling this weekend, but for Easter, it's Scotland time. By myself. Totally sweet. Paris photos will be on facebook soon, when my internet isn't totally retarded.


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