Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Over!

In the immortal words of Strongbad.

But yes, I am safely back in the States, though just a bit jet-lagged. But probably only because as my luck would have it, my body decided to get a sore throat at the airport, that turned into a cold by the time I went to bed last night around 10pm, which was actually 3am for me. I was really tired.

Plane ride was good. Had an aisle seat, with no one in the center seat, so I could stretch out. Food was good. Customs and Immigration were beyond simple. Family was there when I got to arrivals. Ate at Perkins on the way home. Oh, Perkins. The food choices were so American, it was crazy. I don't think the waitress realized why I was so excited that I could order root beer. Came home, saw my Dad, slept. Slept. Slept. Slept. Almost 13 hours. Which still meant I woke up at 10:30 am today. But it was good. Despite the cold. Which feels a lot better now since I'm rested and took some good American, cold medicine.

I could see the New York skyline from Immigration, so NYC is still there! To all my people in NYC I mentally waved and said hi to you, although I'm pretty sure you didn't see me. Today I've already put my laundry in the washer. The American washer.

Tonight is Red Lobster!

And thus ends my travels through Europe.

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