Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Smith Goes To Hell

A much better title. Thanks to the guys for coming up with that one. It was so obvious, I can't believe I missed it. So, I need to change the title pages of all the scripts before the read thru tonight. That's okay. It won't take long. And it'll be worth it for a better title.

I was going to update yesterday, but the internet was being all wonky, and wouldn't let the page load. So, yeah. That's what I'll like about going back to my xanga site, the page loads so much easier. But I'll stick it out with ol' blogger til the end of the week. Gah. End of the week. Whoa.

So yesterday was...interesting. In the morning at least. You see, I woke up, and my computer battery wasn't working. Figures it would blow out the last week I'm here, on the day I need to print off my screenplay. But wait, the oven clock isn't on either. Hey, there's no electricity in the whole of Kamen! It wasn't my computer. Thank goodness. But Minerva has electricity. So, I pack up the printer into my backpack, and carry over my computer, paper, everything I need, and print it off in the Minerva study lounge. First time I've actually set foot in there, besides just looking at it. But it worked. So, then I took it to the ICA, made my copies. All eight of them. And I didn't bring another bag to put them, so I get to carry the equivalent of 2 and half reams of paper up Regent St. So, I decide to take the 38 to Roseberry Ave. Yes, the bus. By myself! Jerica was proud of me.

Of course, though, the bus got diverted because some roads were still closed for the May Day protest parade. And so, the first place I could get off was Angel, not Roseberry Ave. So I still had a 20 minute walk back home. But it was easier then walking all the way to the ICA.

Still had no electric when I got back, so I spent the time punching holds and binding my scripts. Finally at 3:30, the power came back. Allelujah. Had my first read thru at 6, and it went really well. Rick is the perfect Mr. Jiffy. Just as I pictured him. Tonight my Zoey and Renee will be here, so it'll be even better. And it won't be til after 11, and everyone's going to be real tired. That always makes it fun. Then watched Incredibles with the guys, got them all excited about the special features, then realized I left the special features disc at home. In America. And had the mickey torn out of me for that. Such is life.

Today was my last Brit Cinema class, and it was cut short because Wendy's back was killing her. Tonight, also, James's reading at 10. Coolness. Tomorrow's the big day. See if an audience responds to my script. Woot. For now, to change the title pages.


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