Saturday, May 06, 2006

Packing... what I should be doing, which I have started, but I'm just taking a break. Dude, what is it about packing that makes it tiring? You're really not doing any heavy work. Maybe it's because it's tedious. Maybe it's emotionally draining. Maybe it's because I didn't go to bed until 5am this morning. That could be it. Yesterday was a great last day with the guys. We went to see Mission: Impossible 3, which is absolutely fantastic. Okay, it's pure popcorn movie/action/cheesy dialogue goodness. But that counts. We were probably the most annoying people in the theatre. We didn't talk through it, of course, but we were getting really into it. Laughing at parts, where we shouldn't really have been laughing. But it was fun, so it was all good.

Then leaving the cinema, we saw Mimi, Lisa, Willa, and them heading out for Lisa early birthday dinner. So I went with them and we ate at Wagamama's. It was so good. Delicious. Good company, too. Finished there around 10pm, then Mengfan and I were able to track down the guys sometime after eleven. We all walked across the Millenium Bridge to the Thames, and sat on these gigantic, concrete steps leading down to the bank. It was absolutely beautiful, sitting directly across from St. Paul's Cathedral at night, Big Ben to our left, Tower Bridge to our right. Ethan got some good pictures, so when he settles back down in the States, I expect him to share. It was just a perfect night, sitting there with everyone. A good end to the semester.

We walked back around 1am, and I hung out in the guys' room watching Arrested Development, until they had to leave at 3:30am. Most of them are traveling around Europe for a few weeks before returning home. I'll admit it, it was sad. Especially saying by to Imran and James, since they don't go to NYU. Well, James might in the fall, he applied there for grad school, but due to NYU technical difficulties, he hasn't found out if he got in or not yet. That would be awesome. I'm going to hang out with Nick and Ethan in their Brooklyn apartment in the fall, and meet up with Zach in July in NYC. I'm going to need a long weekend for this. I think I'm going to go up after work on a Thursday, since it's only a 2 hour ride, spend all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and leave late on Monday. I have so many people I want to spend quality time with there: Ashley, Hyun, Lara, Zach. I can't remember if Colin's going to be back in July or not. If so, Colin. I'm gonna need all that time.

When they left and I went back upstairs, I ended up talking to Klara for awhile, shooting the breeze, and we both realized it kept getting lighter outside. By the time I finished writing in my journal and went to bed, it was 5am, but it was totally worth it.

Now what I have to do today is...go to Bedford to check my mail, and check-in for my flight, take pictures of Exmouth Market, finish packing, watch Doctor Who with Willa and beer. Can I accomplish all these things? Surely, I can try. Actually, I should probably go to Bedford now. By the time I get there, I'll be able to do my online check-in.

There will probably be at least one more post here, before I switch back to my Xanga site. So don't de-bookmark this page yet! Word. Gog and Magog.


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