Friday, May 05, 2006


This is the best word to describe these last 2 weeks in London. Partly because after getting used to the sights from Kamen to the ICA, you don't expect to see a giant wooden barrel, the size of a small house, crashed into the pavement in the parking lot behind the ICA. It's for some Jules Verne art thingy, we learned later, but it's still pretty weird, and cool.

It's also been surreal because, well, I don't know how to describe it but, especially these last few days, it's like I've had a glimpse of what my future could be, if I am a successful writer. Working and rehearsals during the day, a little bit of partying at night. Doing what you love, loving what you do, that sort of thing. If I could pinpoint a time for the start of my career, it would be 12:30 today. When our Tisch program director told me that the one American/British film producer, who happened to come to the presentations during my presentation, asked her for a copy of my script. Yeah. Seriously. I think I'm still dreaming. I'm going to take Roy's advice and start mailing copies out to production companies. I'm also probably not going to apply to grad school. Especially since apparently NYU doesn't like to take people for their graduate screenwriting program who are just out of college.

But until I have the check in my hand, this all means nothing. I have one year of college yet, and I'm going to be a college student. I owe my parents a ton of money, I'm going to work 9-5 five days a week in an office all summer, I have $80,000 in student loans, I live in a dorm, and I still hate monkeys. The real world is still very real, and until I'm rich enough to afford my giant ball pit, velcro wall, and Astor Place apartment, I'm going to have to live in that world.

That being said, I had wanted to update more this week, but there just wasn't any time. Tuesday night I did a second read thru with my cast, only the first 50 pages, though, because we didn't start until almost 2am. James' rehearsal started at 10:30, then there was Colin's, and I was able to get people to stay up for mine.

Wednesday, everything went awesome. My cast - Imran, Whitney, Nick, Rick, Sam, Colin, Renee, Zach, Ethan, and James - were beyond fantastic. And so I can prove this, Mimi taped it for me, so I'm going to get it transferred to DVD this summer. Everyone's script went really, incredibly well. No one sucked, out of all eight of us. What are the odds of that? Gog and magog. If you don't know what that is, I can't explain it. You have to experience it.

Wednesday night was more rehearsals, and more drinking. Responsibly of course, Ashley. And I got to bed around...3ish? I think? Thursday, yesterday, our final huzzah at the ICA! Again, all the scripts were fantastic, Ethan's was just off the wall. Philip was the perfect Bob Ponte. Then we had the boat party that night! I came home, showered, and...brace yourselves...wore. a. dress. The proof is in the facebook photo. I hope you're still with me there. Yeah, the boat party was great. Although the sunshine clouded over, it didn't rain, we got 2 complimentary drinks, and we were having a party, on a boat, on the Thames, with the view of the RNT, London Eye, Parliament, and Big Ben behind us. And we were on a boat! The after party was also great, everyone, surprisingly, behaved themselves, as much as Tischies can. And "Freaks and Geeks" at 2am is pretty good.

Today I got up at 11am and took my printer back to the ICA. It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside. And, I took the bus, all by myself, so that I wouldn't have to lug the printer for 40 minutes. I walked back, since it's amazingly beautiful outside, and took pictures of the walk. Also finally went into Forbidden Planet. Such an awesome store. For geeks only, really. Got myself a Doctor Who poster. Heck yeah. And a little Ghostbusters pin.

Rest of the day involves going to see "Mission: Impossible 3" with the guys later day. They all leave for Amsterdam tomorrow morning, so it'll be our last London hang-out. Going to...I don't know, do something until 4, when we leave for da movies.

I'm still excited about coming home, but getting even more excited for next fall, when we can all party in NYC. Word.


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous rachel said...

forry, that is absolutely amazing. after you're all (well, i'd say big and famous, but i don't think that's changing...) little and famous will you still hang out with the likes of me? maybe if i still have access to my pool table?


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